Paper review and title ideas

Title for our book ideas: Baldwin Impressions, The Baldwin Revolution, Creating a Baldwin Perspective (I thought of more in my sleep but I forgot some)

When I first started writing this non fiction piece that is attempting to reflect on Baldwin’s themes and writing style, I struggled to write even the first 5 pages of the draft as I kept thinking back on the themes and writing style. Eventually I just wrote so I had enough pages with no real organization. But after speaking to Professor Eversley, she pointed out sections where I could expand on giving details that affects the five senses more. I never realized how much more I can write and now after seeing all the revisions, I can definitely finish up the other five pages.
An other note, everyone should set up a meeting with Professor Eversley about their paper because it was extremely helpful. I never went to office hours in my five years at Baruch (unless it was mandatory) because I assumed it would be a waste of time and that I was able to do everything myself.  I should’ve used office hours more now that I think about it.

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