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Personal Statement Help

Hi everyone!

Since we are all in the process of writing personal statements , I thought that this should be a very nice and helpful tool. It is an article with rules and guidelines for writing a successful personal statement. It really helped me when I as writing my personal statement and I hope it can be for all of you as well.

-Kimberly Ayala

Interesting Article About Withdrawing From a Class

I recently had to read this article for work and I found it really interesting. I think that this article pertains to all of us, as students, we have all either dropped a class or have thought about dropping a class before. Especially now that midterms are coming up, some of us might be under a great deal of stress. This article highlights the top reasons why students tend to drop a class and hopefully will prepare you to make a more informed decision.

Remember that everyone struggles with certain subjects, you can’t be perfect at everything. However, hard work does pay off, all you have to do is hang in there and study rigorously! 🙂