Journal #1

Where have you been and where are you going?

Hi, my name is Gerald. I like to think that I’m easy to get along with because I’m very open to new things. I used to be very shy and soft spoken; but now I am an outgoing individual unafraid to voice my ideas and speak my mind. I think I can safely say that my transition in character is because of my experience with music. As a musician, I joined the band ensembles in my middle school playing the saxophone. Being forced to play concerts at the end of the year really led me to appreciate being on stage where it is no place to be shy.

My experience in performance continued through high school as I played the saxophone in my school’s Jazz Band. I also joined the productions of my school musical in junior and senior year which further brought me a love of the stage and performing arts; a passion I hope to keep pursuing in Baruch despite the fact that Baruch College isn’t the strongest in the arts.

As a college student, I realize that I have several more responsibilities upon my shoulders now than ever before. Having this much freedom really puts the pressure on me to succeed in my academics. I had no idea how much reading I would have to do; it’s really eating up a significant amount of time compared to how much less I would read back in high school. My main concern is falling behind on school work because of all the reading I have to do. I do hope to keep myself disciplined with good study habits and a healthy lifestyle throughout college as to set a strong foundation for the rest of my life ahead.

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