Journal #1

It definitely isn’t easy to find the right words to describe myself. I guess I’ll start by talking about my transition from Hong Kong to New York. I moved here about 11 years ago and I think I’ve adjusted pretty well. I have a diverse group of friends and I’m glad it is like that. I feel like if you immigrate to another country, in order to be successful, you have to assimilate to their way of life. In high school I was pretty involved with my school. I ran for secretary at my school’s largest club and I got to go to conventions and meetings and met a lot of cool people. Since going to college is a place where you can meet all kinds of people, it is necessary for me to engage and get involved with everything that Baruch has to offer. Although I have not joined any clubs or fraternity this semester, I think it is best for me to join one sometime in the future.

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