Journal 3

The significant difference between college and high school is that students are not necessarily looked after or pampered in every step they take. I realized that it is the students who need to take the initiative to seek out help and resources. Baruch College presents to us countless opportunities through faculty, peers, staff, support centers, the library, clubs, and many more.

Participating in the Community Service Project has encouraged me to utilize the library databases. Using the databases, I was able to research and find the nonprofit organization quickly and efficiently. As I learned to use the library resources for my community service project, I also learned to use them for my other classes’ research as well.

Throughout this semester, I “abused” the privilege of the Writing Center by going for almost every paper that I had to write. The faculty of the Writing Center do not just simply point out mechanical errors and fix sentence structures, but they give insight on what the weakest points and strongest points are in my paper and help enhance my strengths and work on my weaknesses.

Although I am currently not in a student club, I plan to get involved with organizations and clubs in the coming semesters. I am planning to join the Global Student Organization and a business fraternity next year, and hopefully more organizations in the following years that will help me grow as a person and fuel my interest in certain fields such as international relations and business.

As my group progressed in the community service project, my understanding of the importance of serving the community changed. At first, I thought that it would not make a difference whether I did community service or not. However, I now realize that every single volunteer makes a difference. The community depends on volunteers and I am encouraged to help in any way I can.

In the next three years, I hope to continue my studies at Baruch College. As mentioned before, I hope to be a part of different clubs, organizations, and a fraternity. Also, I hope to have expanded in my communication and presentation skills. Overall, I want to be able to look back on the previous years of college and be able to say, with no regrets, that I took advantage of all I could of the opportunities that are existent in Baruch College.

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