Journal 3

Although I have yet visited any of the support centers provided by Baruch, I can see myself going there in the future. I have heard from my colleagues that these centers did wonders for them and I am positive it will do the same for me. Since I was still new to Baruch, I did not join any clubs and organizations. But now that I’m going into my second semester in Baruch, I will be sure to join one of the clubs that we have here in Baruch.

Without this project, I would not have been as close to Steven and Johanna as I am right now. Since everyone in the Baruch Honors Program is a community, I felt that this project really tied us together. But not only did I get closer to the people in my block, I was able to get in touch with my advisor, Mr. Medina and our peer mentor, Maria. I can honestly say, I am not a person who goes and run after everything I see. I’m the kind of person who just waits for everything to come to me. It’s definitely a bad habit, but I’m trying to change all of that. Back in high school, everything was given to me, I was guided by people to do everything. I know that in most colleges, there is no one to really rely on but yourself. But I’m so glad in our college, we have faculties and staffs who truly cares about our education and keeping us on track.

In addition to making me closer to the Baruch COmmunity, this project has also allowed me to talk to people in different organizations and it has helped me build my communication skills. I firmly believed that being able to talk to others is a skill that is necessary in life and the only way I can learn how to do that is by talking to different people.

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