As a student at Baruch I have the responsibility of representing Baruch college and the Scholar program in my community. Beyond my obvious responsibilities as a student (working hard in school, being involved in Baruch clubs and activities, supporting fellow students) I must also give back to Baruch and to the larger community that I am a part of.  I am very privileged and proud to be a part of the Scholar program and so giving back to Baruch is extremely important to my role as a scholar and showing how thankful and proud I am.

I volunteer at the Housing Works bookstore cafe every Friday afternoon because I want to support my community. Housing Works is a nonprofit that fights AIDS and homelessness in New York City and the proceeds from the bookstore café go to the organization. They also hold events such as readings and concerts. All of these things help to make the New York community a more livable and better place which is why I volunteer my time there. It is my responsibility to use my position of privilege as an Honors student to help others and I am doing so through my position at Housing Works as well as the current community service project that we are working on in FRO currently.

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