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It is not unknown to people that community services holds many benefits, not only externally to those we have helped, but also internally to ourselves by building our character. It has taught me to not only be dependent on my own sources, but to also draw from the experiences of the heads of these charitable organizations and how as a team we can work to help the community in need. I am not sure if community service will exactly help me perform better in my courses, but I do feel that the effort I put into my academia intertwined with my effort of service will help me become someone who is not only idealistically intelligent, but also has the capability to put those ideas into action. I have not yet joined a club in Baruch, but I do plan on joining the Drama Club in the spring. I personally feel very confident with speaking out and presenting myself in front of large audiences, so I feel this is a niche where I can work on that ability and use it to help me in future situations. This project has showed me that community service is more than just picking up trash at the park. There are so many more aspects to it, and that there are difficulties in many people’s lives that we don’t even realize because we take them for granted. In the next three years, I see myself a senior in college who has not only developed an intellectual, tolerant, creative mind through vigorous scholarly work, but also a developed soul willing to do the extra work with no physical reward, just the reward of knowing myself that I have made a difference in the world for the better, and ability top handle anything life throws at me.

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