Community Nic

I’ve been told that Baruch was a giant black hole of social inadequacy. I am happy to see I’ve been mislead. All of the people Ive met at Baruch have been supportive and simply amazing. This semester I’ve have the pleasure of meeting many people through Lexicon and the Ticker. Sara Lustberg, Faust Kriter, Damla, Bing Ang, Nick Zehnder, Stevie Borrello, and Michael Lai to list a few. They provided me with a constant source of support and help when I ever needed them. They have all taught me many aspects of Baruchian life and eased the anxieties that I have about my future here. Nick Zehnder has had an important impact on my community service project.

Nick is a writer at the ticker. I did know much about him but he seemed like a great person. He was always usually calm and full of interesting insights. My perception of him changed the second a balloon popped in the ticker office. This sudden noise sent the usually calm Nick into a panic and shock. I learned later that he is a recently returning veteran and still have shocks from his time in battle. This event showed me the length of Nick’s mental scaring. It showed me how although he was high functioning and doing fine now he still has signs of distress within him.

Nick later told me about veteran life. He told me about the many issues they faced when coming home and how many of his friends are unemployed and mistreated. He inspired me to volunteer for the Wounded Warrior’s Foundation.

In three years I see myself still working towards my goals. I expect myself to be involved with research and still invested in Lexicon. Hopefully by then I would have climbed the ladder and would be holding a position at lexicon. I see myself successful both academically and socially with a future path paved and ready for my to take it.