Journal #1 – Brian Nikravesh

Although I’ve had many experiences that have helped shape who I am there is one notable one that assisted me in realizing the person I am today. That was conquering my fear of heights. All my life I had been afraid of heights and although I knew it was an irrational fear there was nothing I felt I could do about it. That was until my dad helped me by slowly desensitizing me to heights step by step until I was able to eventually fly on an airplane without being scared. I am forever grateful that I had my family to help me get over this fear that I truly believed was keeping me back in life and don’t know what I would do without them.


I don’t have a narrow set of expectations as a college student, rather a set of things I want accomplished by the time I graduate. I believe college should be a learning experience and I am strongly against busy work. If I am going to be learning it should be something I find useful and be applicable to today’s society. I want to come out of college with a new set of skills that I otherwise would not have had that will help me progress in my career into the future.


My hope for first semester is to reach the gpa requirement while also learning valuable information and getting used to the Baruch system as well as college in general. My concerns are that in the near future we will not be allowed back on campus due to the pandemic.

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  1. That’s great that you were able to conquer your fear of heights. I’ve always tried helping my friends with that, by taking them with me to roller coasters, skyscrapers, or just to look at some kind of view. Slowly, they’ve been able to conquer their fear and that’s great. Aside from that, I agree that busy work is really just a waste of time, I’m here to learn and gain skills that will help me in the future. Hopefully, we’ll be back on the campus next semester ready to explore what choices we have in front of us.

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