From its hardscrabble energy, to its global diversity, and its emphases on business, the arts, and public affairs, New York City and Baruch College share more than geography in common. So when Reunion 2010 attendees requested the city’s unofficial musical anthem “New York, New York” as the final Reunion Dinner Dance song, no one was surprised. In fact, all were pleased, still full of toe-tapping good spirits.

Reunion Dinner Dance is always one of the highlights of Reunion Weekend, this year held on Oct. 16-17. Another highlight was the attendance of Baruch College’s new president, Mitchel Wallerstein. President Wallerstein addressed the approximately 100 attendees, many alumni from the celebrated Classes of 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, and 1985. Later alumni had the opportunity to meet and chat with the president.

Alumni Awards were presented at the Dinner Dance, with Alumni Allegiance Awards presented to Morton Kaner (’50), Nathan Adler (’60), Richard Pergolis (’60), Peter Jonas (’60), Dov Schlein (’70, MBA ’75), Daniel Clivner (’85), and Luz (Vargas) Liebeskind (’85). An Alumnus of Distinction Award was conferred on Po Sit (’85).

The final event of Reunion was the annual APO fraternity reunion, held the following Monday, Oct. 18.

Photos by Jerry Speier

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