[box sid=”box-1409090879″ style=”color: #234;background-color:#f2e8fb;border:none;”][dropcap sid=”dropcap-1418165888″]O[/dropcap]n Dec. 9, 2014, Baruch College and the Stan Ross Department of Accountancy offered Professor Hyman Gorenberg (’50) its thanks for five decades—54 years—of service to our students, alumni, and the accounting and taxation community.

Among the dozens wishing him a happy retirement were Gorenberg’s family, including wife Iris, who delighted the numbers-loving attendees with her poem “Another A” (below).

In addition to his Baruch/City College BBA, Gorenberg earned an LLM in taxation from New York University Law School in 1960 and a JD from Brooklyn Law School in 1967. An expert in taxation, specializing in estates and trusts, he is a CPA and member of the New York and American Bar Associations.[/box]


“Another A”

by Iris Gorenberg, wife of Hyman Gorenberg, written and recited on the occasion of his retirement from Baruch College after 54 years

Professor Hy makes students’ lives a piece of cake, a piece of pie.

For him, students work hard and always try.

His words are wise; his humor wry.

On him, they do rely.

When he told them all that he was leaving, there was a pause and a collective sigh.


He makes their lives a piece of pie, a piece of cake.

He knows what is at stake.

He is always thorough for their sake.

In his class, the students have a balance—a give and take.


Hy is connected and direct in his purview;

he illuminates complexity and gives review.

He teaches for the love of accountancy and clarifying all that is new.


Activating intelligence for a prof is a thrilling event,

a challenging time that is well spent.


54 years of student ratings for Hy that were over the top,

the best there could be.

So you can see—

before I stop—

here is what we say today:

Let’s give Professor Hy yet another A!


Attention Accountancy Alumni:

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