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[dropcap sid=”dropcap-1446585320″]S[/dropcap]unnyville Stories is a smallpress comic about a very big world, and it’s all from the imagination of Mark Wiesner (’03), who publishes under the pseudonym Max West.

There are currently three trade paperback collections of Sunnyville Stories, telling the funny and heartwarming tales of an anthropomorphic teenage cat named Rusty as he moves from a big city to the remote village of Sunnyville. Mr. Wiesner, a Queens native, partly based Sunnyville Stories on his own experience as a child moving from New York City to North Carolina.

Comic Strip

The alumnus, who majored in journalism and creative writing, credits his time at Baruch with helping to fine-tune his storytelling. Says Wiesner, “The education in writing and all kinds of literature gave me amazing skills that I used to put together my comics world.” Wiesner’s comics are hand-drawn, as he prefers to illustrate with nib pens, dipped in ink, and with brushes. He uses a computer only on occasion to retouch select images. A fourth collection of his work will be released in early 2018.

Learn more about Sunnyville Stories at Max West’s blog.

– Gregory M. Leporati

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