Updates on Zoom Change to CUNY Login

The transition to CUNY Login was successful on December 29th, and most users are able to log in without incident. As we were unable to fully test this implementation before Zoom made the change for us, there are a few issues we have since discovered, some that we are working on developing workarounds for, and some will require some additional support.

First, it is now important that you use cuny.zoom.us for SSO login, not baruch.zoom.us. While we initially thought the baruch.zoom.us would redirect to the CUNY login, that is not currently the case. (We are working with Zoom to determine if it can be done or not at this time, although we had expected it to work before.) This issue seems to resolve most of the Helpdesk requests we are currently receiving.

Another detail we are seeing is that the “Baruch Users Only” option for meeting security may not be working correctly at this time. We have updated the default behavior to be so that it now includes all users in the Baruch account, but in some cases it may be that authentication is limited to users whose Zoom login IDs contain baruch.cuny.edu or baruchmail.cuny.edu–and the user IDs no longer contain those domains, they are all login.cuny.edu. If you’re finding issues for meeting security, try changing this and changing it back. It looks like the change may be propagating across all meetings now, but we will work with Zoom to confirm.

However, if you have students (or faculty/staff) who are affiliated with multiple CUNY institutions, you may find they will not be able to log in with “Baruch Users Only” set since their account is in another colleges’ account. In that case there is a new option for “CUNY Users Only” which allows anyone with a cuny.edu domain in their email address to log in, which should handle anyone at CUNY properly.

Users who have multiple affiliations may find they are logging into an account for a different CUNY institution now. In most cases the Baruch account is still there and we may be able to transfer meeting recordings and future meetings to your CUNY account, we are still investigating the best way to do that.

There is a small number of users for whom their Baruch account was renamed but their affiliation is not Baruch, and that is causing a login error. We have to work with CUNY CIS to resolve these issues on a case-by-case basis and will be opening tickets to get this resolved ASAP.

If you have any other issues with Zoom authentication please reach out to the BCTC Helpdesk.

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2 Responses to Updates on Zoom Change to CUNY Login

  1. WMillhiser says:

    @ Michael: Could you clarify some aspects of the conversion to cuny.zoom.us? (1) when uploading a .CSV file to preset class meeting breakout rooms, should we use students’ baruchmail.cuny.edu or login.cuny.edu email addresses (or something else?) I tried the former today and it didn’t work. If the latter, where can these be obtained? (I note that the CUNYFirst reports a “CUNY Login” that does not include the @login.cuny.edu.) (2) When we set up meetings at https://cuny.zoom.us/meeting, why is the meeting URL given as https://baruch.zoom.us/j/…..? (Why Baruch? Is this correct?) (3) Are you hearing of students not able to join meetings with the “CUNY users only” setting? Several of my students who correctly logged into cuny.zoom.us using their CUNYFirst credentials could not join my class (they were told they could not be authenticated). Thanks.

  2. mrichichi says:

    Professor Millhiser,

    Answers below:

    1) You now need to use their CUNY Login addresses to manage breakout rooms. You can find them in your course rosters from CUNYfirst (at least the first part before the @login.cuny.edu as you said–you can use a spreadsheet program to add the @login .cuny.edu if necessary)

    2) The baruch.zoom.us refers to meetings under the Baruch Zoom account, which is a subaccount of the cuny.zoom.us account. The name before the “zoom.us” in the URL is actually not important–either will work as long as the correct meeting ID is in the URL.

    3) It looks like the “CUNY Users” setting was not working the way we had intended. We have corrected the setting on the Baruch account level and new meetings created with that setting should now be correct. If you have existing meetings you can disable and reenable authentication on them to get the new setting.

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