As part of their capstone project, students will create a children’s book that explores the topic of migration to the United States. The book should be geared towards young readers and integrate fundamental concepts and themes covered in our course. Students are encouraged to draw from their personal experiences and interests for inspiration. This assignment aims to foster creativity, cultural awareness, and a deeper understanding of migration while providing the tools and platform for students to become authors.

Project Development:

Students will participate in a series of workshops and lab hours to develop their book project proposals and children’s books. They will also participate in virtual talks with Estela Juarez, author of Until Someone Listens (2022), and Hector Barajas, author of Princess Lily and the King of ICEland (2014), whose children’s books center on deportation stories.

Public Facing Materials:

Click Here to view our virtual library.

Note from the instructor:

I created this virtual library with much care. I intended to highlight each author’s contribution to the topic of migration and the concepts we learned during the course. Each reading room invites audiences to imagine the stories written and illustrated. Through the virtual library, you can read author bios and blurbs.

Please note that these books are available for the public to read and download.

For inquiries: Lizbeth.delacruzsantana@baruch.cuny.edu.

Public Facing Event(s)

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