Why a revolution? Chicano Empowerment!!!

keanhispanicoutlookjobsDuring the 1960’s, the civil rights movement for the Black community was occurring. Not only were Black people fighting for their rights, but so were the Mexican people. Starting in California, many Mexican American’s got together to create a movement for themselves to be looked at as equals in the country they call home. ua05548-small

The movement encompassed many things for the Mexican community. During the movement they highlighted social injustices they were facing, discrimination, racism, land grants, creating educational opportunities, and most importantly, the negative stereotypes they encountered every day of their lives. These ethnic stereotypes defined this community in such a negative way, that they Mexican people wanted to finally create a positive change for themselves and for the country. hqdefault

By creating this movement, the Mexican community was able to zone in on the injustices they faced everyday and made America conscious of how the country was targeting people of color, including the Mexican community. Although the Mexican community was frowned upon, they stood united! United they stood indeed, as they faced problems with the LAPD and the communities that discriminated against them.