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Dear Hiring Management Team:

I am writing this letter to apply for the Associate, Acquisition Marketing position described in your advertisement on Indeed. As a fresh Baruch undergraduate I bring with me an excellent work attitude and a strong desire that wants to utilize those characteristic at Tesla. I find that Tesla’s innovative brand, products, and services align with the type of work, being, I want to be apart of great things

My experiences as a Legislative Intern for New York State Senator David Carlucci, I have honed in my ability to organize plans, execute strategies, and effectively delegate and help co-workers complete task.


With a degree in Corporate Communications with a double minor in Marketing and Information Systems I offer a valuable set of interpersonal, technical and adaptive skills. According to the description of an ideal candidate, I also offer:


  • The ability to utilize intrapersonal skills to best corral effective cross-functional teams by understanding organizational structures, as evidenced during my Legislative Internship, in which I was chosen to help spearhead his successful campaign ballot.


  • Detail oriented organizational skills that continue to lead to a profitable esteemed Coach store by focusing attention on teamwork, business procedures, and customer’s current wants and prospective needs.


  • A work attitude that both appreciates and tackles day to day challenges, especially when it’s a chance to learn something new, giving me the opportunity to store that valuable on-the-job knowledge for future use.


The responsibilities related to the Associate, Acquisition Marketing role reassure me that my abilities will allow me to smoothly assist Senior Managers. An opportunity to work for Birchbox is an opportunity for me to be a part of a successful, growing, innovative company.


Warmest Regards,

Reading Response

In the article, “How to Make Most of your Internship” by Susan Adams notes one of the biggest anxieties new interns, such as myself, might face within new workplaces that being, left out. I was also afraid that I’d be given menial task such as printer and lunch fetching duties. However during my internship experience at the New York State Senator’s office I found that I was given both menial day-to-day task and important deadline assignments. I can also attest to Marcie Hirsch’s advice on how to avoid menial work by emailing your supervisor on personal expectations of the internship. I did something along the lines of telling my supervisor the objectives I was looking for and they encouragingly allowed me to work on several different projects.


In Derek Thompson’s article, “ The Thing Employers Look for When Hiring Recent Graduates” lets readers know that internship experience when hiring recent graduates is the most important component to an applicant. Personally I always assumed that your school’s reputations as well as your GPA were the most important factors employers are looking for during the hiring process. The article also states that Media and Communication companies find internship extremely meaningful, which is great to hear considering Baruch, makes their Bachelor of Arts students take up an internship in order to graduate. Through out my college career I always heard my older peers say they use almost nothing they learned at school at work and this article voices their sentiments.


In Jacquelyn Smith’s article, “15 Ways to Stand out as an Intern” she musters up a list of key ways to be a great intern. To my surprise I already do 13 out of the 15 recommendations, the other two being #4 “Having a “just in case’ outfit” and #15 “Ask for feedback”. I’ve not yet had a wardrobe malfunction at work but I’ll keep #4 in mind. However #15 I feel is a piece of advice that went way over my head because I get so involved with the work I assume that they would correct me if I did something wrong. Although my bosses have not scolded me for doing bad work I should show them that I know that here is a chance my work can be better given their guidance. That type of self-checking I think would reassure them that I know I could always become better and faster. To be noted I learned in my previous internship that #14 “Keep tabs on your accomplishments” is extremely important because not only will you remember the impact you had as a worker in a company but you can now add those specific accomplishments to your cover letter and resume.

My Internship

My internship is currently being undertaken within New State Senator David Carlucci’s office, as a Legislative Intern. The opportunity to work for the New York State Senator came from my uncle, currently the Mayor of Spring Valley, New York. I had a phone interview, followed by an on-person interview with HR, I was hired that week. I am enthused by this position because I do want to hold a career on client side politics, which involve crisis management, public relations, lobbying, and maybe one day place myself in a position to run for a government office.

Currently as a Legislative Intern I have been given a numerous amount of differing responsibilities. Working directly under the Director of Constituent Affairs I have tracked legislation and help draft resolutions to reoccurring constituent complaints. I have helped create and distribute office memorandums. Represented the Senator at community events, meetings, and hearings. Day-to-Day I continually provide assistance and information to individual constituents, community organizations, and government agencies regarding legislation and community issues that has revealed to me on how much people rely on their county politicians. As of now the most exciting on-hands aspect of my role is helping collaborate strategic plans to maximize the David Carlucci’s budget for his ballot campaign as well as his public support.

Currently I work 5 days a week with an average of thirty hours for this internship position, which will end in September. I hope after it ends that I will be able to secure a full time position within the office. From this internship I hope to gain real world experience as a Legislative intern and be given the opportunity to work on important assignments in a professional environment. Through this short-term position I hope to be given the opportunity to attend meetings and events within the political climate so I can gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a political themed professional environment. During this internship I also want to be able to measure whether my time management skills are up to par in the workplace. Given the current fast paced environment and shifting responsibilities I currently am in I’m learning that every minute counts and on time deliverables is of the most importance.

Presently I am the only intern within the office, being the only intern gives me more responsibility. I had the privilege to meet with all the Directors that work for Senator Carlucci, giving me new perspectives on how each job is done. However, on the contrary, it also means that I do not have a defined job description. For instance, each Director would have different tasks for me to perform which at times seems very overwhelming and I feel unprepared due to lack of experience. However, they made sure to keep themselves open for questions and would always direct me to the write people that could answer the unanswered ones. This type of experience has showed me how effective communication really helps keeps organization together to work towards a common goal.