My Intership

At the spa I intern for, myself and other coworkers are to arrive at 7 A.M. each morning to get everything ready for the day. Once we have everything prepared to begin the day I am greeting the clients and checking them in. I have to make sure I explain the rules and the regulation that we expect them to follow while using the facilities. I then like to escort each party or couple downstairs one by one to explain the different baths, its different temperature and their purpose. After everyone is checked in for the house I walk around the baths just to make sure everything is in order and everyone is enjoying their stay.
One some days we host different events such as bridal parties, birthday celebrations or sometimes private events. Each event usually last around two hours depending on how long they have rented the place for or sometimes the entire day. Every once in a while we do have celebrity visits, which is always exciting for me.
I also have to place the clients in with their therapist when it is time for their massage. The difficult part about placing the massages is that some clients have a special request prior to their booking or often time’s last minute wishes. Most times you have to change around the rooms of the therapist so that you can accommodate to the clients wishes. We like to start with the baths for the first hour and place clients in for the massage in the second hour. However, some clients like to start with their massages first instead of the baths. I have to schedule each massage so that everything runs in a timely manner making sure the massage doesn’t go over the expected time within the certain hour. I also have to assign breaks for the massage therapist.
We also hold a staff meeting at the beginning and the end of each week to talk about everything going on. I have to make sure to write down everything so that I can report it to my manager.
So far, I really enjoy doing a little bit of everything. On some days I also answer emails and phone calls from clients with any information issues they might have concerning the spa.

Camp Counselor

My internship is held at the Church of the Resurrection on 325 E 101st street, New York, NY. My responsibilities include by are not limited to:

  • Planning enrichment activities
  • Supervising children in a classroom setting (ages 6-11)
  • Complete administrative tasks for Director of the summer camp.
  • Helping on site counselors with their daily duties and teaching children educational curriculum activities.

The reason why I choose this internship, because this will help me gain experience in the education and youth development profession. My goal is to help children maintain the knowledge they’ve learned during the regular school year and improve the skills that they already possess. This internship will allow me to be not only become an excellent teacher but a better advocate for those that are less fortunate than me or don’t have the courage to voice their opinion on certain matters.

This internship relates to my field Business Corporate Communication through the education profession. By doing so, it allows me to communicate a specific curriculum to a group of students and display leadership capabilities, which is shown through the lessons that are taught to the children.

My Internship

My internship is currently being undertaken within New State Senator David Carlucci’s office, as a Legislative Intern. The opportunity to work for the New York State Senator came from my uncle, currently the Mayor of Spring Valley, New York. I had a phone interview, followed by an on-person interview with HR, I was hired that week. I am enthused by this position because I do want to hold a career on client side politics, which involve crisis management, public relations, lobbying, and maybe one day place myself in a position to run for a government office.

Currently as a Legislative Intern I have been given a numerous amount of differing responsibilities. Working directly under the Director of Constituent Affairs I have tracked legislation and help draft resolutions to reoccurring constituent complaints. I have helped create and distribute office memorandums. Represented the Senator at community events, meetings, and hearings. Day-to-Day I continually provide assistance and information to individual constituents, community organizations, and government agencies regarding legislation and community issues that has revealed to me on how much people rely on their county politicians. As of now the most exciting on-hands aspect of my role is helping collaborate strategic plans to maximize the David Carlucci’s budget for his ballot campaign as well as his public support.

Currently I work 5 days a week with an average of thirty hours for this internship position, which will end in September. I hope after it ends that I will be able to secure a full time position within the office. From this internship I hope to gain real world experience as a Legislative intern and be given the opportunity to work on important assignments in a professional environment. Through this short-term position I hope to be given the opportunity to attend meetings and events within the political climate so I can gain new connections and learn how to communicate in a political themed professional environment. During this internship I also want to be able to measure whether my time management skills are up to par in the workplace. Given the current fast paced environment and shifting responsibilities I currently am in I’m learning that every minute counts and on time deliverables is of the most importance.

Presently I am the only intern within the office, being the only intern gives me more responsibility. I had the privilege to meet with all the Directors that work for Senator Carlucci, giving me new perspectives on how each job is done. However, on the contrary, it also means that I do not have a defined job description. For instance, each Director would have different tasks for me to perform which at times seems very overwhelming and I feel unprepared due to lack of experience. However, they made sure to keep themselves open for questions and would always direct me to the write people that could answer the unanswered ones. This type of experience has showed me how effective communication really helps keeps organization together to work towards a common goal.

My Internship: Daniel Oomman

Hello class,

This summer, I will be an intern at Events By Iris. It’s an event planning company that has recently just started in 2016 and wants to have a larger social media presence to reach a larger audience.

I was looking for an internship since last fall and I was applying to places hoping to land something. I had a couple of interviews but nothing panned out for me. My friend who know I was looking for an internship told me about this event planning company that just started and was looking for an individual who knew how to navigate social media whether it be Instagram or Twitter, etc. I immediately gave my friend my resume to pass along because I have always been interested in marketing and advertising and I am an avid social media user. Iris Jacob, the founder, called me a week later and we had an interview. She asked me what I was doing in school and what was I interested in and then she told me what she would expect of me if I were to join the company. I guess she liked what she heard and gave me the position.

My role is mainly the social media side of the company. How can I make Events By Iris more attractable to potential clients? What kinds of posts do you think would gain the attention of my audience the most whether it be the website or Instagram? Another aspect which is really interesting to me and I have never done before is blogging. I think this will be a great experience for me and it will help hone my writing skills. With the blog, I will come up with a 4 month calendar and different topics that people are interested in in regards to weddings or events and if the chance comes up, I will write about it. One big part I will play is in research. With events, you have to be up to date on the latest trends and there is something new all the time. I will have to use websites like Pintrest and Etsy and relay all the information I accumulate to Iris. While I am doing all these things, she will be teaching me the structure and process of planning and organizing events. These are skills that are transferrable and that I can use throughout my professional career and personal life. My hours will vary depending on if we have an event but I will be working Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday around 20+ hours a week.

I think I can gain a lot from this internship. This would be my first actual step into the career I hope to one day be in. Marketing and advertising is just so interesting to me and I hope to work for a creative company one day. I wanted to see how a company starts gaining traction and grows and this internship gives me the opportunity because it is a startup and its fairly recent. I hope I can help with the growing process and contribute in a positive way. I will better my skills in communication whether it be on social media or the website but also I will be able to work on my writing, planning, and organizing. As I said before, a lot of the things I will learn and experience can be transferrable no matter where I go in the future. I’m excited to be here and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all.


Langalo Inc.

Maribel Peralta


Langalo Inc.


  • How I found it: I found this opportunity one night browsing through Baruch’s Starr Search. I applied after recently updating my resume. Several full-time employers contacted me, but I choose to attend this internship hoping to gain experience in the field of my major.


  • Information about the company: Langalo is a translation agency located in the Lower East Side. They provide certified translations for legal, medical and educational purposes, as well as website translations. Langalo provides evaluations of foreign academic credentials, and court and medical interpretation services.


  • My role: I will be an intern assisting them with marketing efforts and customer relationship management. The position involves communication with current as well as potential clients, and the general public. The goal is to help them expand their client base and strengthen their social media presence. By working in collaboration with the management staff we will create new advertisement content for social media sites. We will execute projects together in order to increase the company’s awareness within the community.


  • Hours: I will be attending my internship site on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9am- 5pm. I will be completing a total of 140 hours by working 16 hours a week in a total of 9 weeks. The manager and I both agreed that this time would work best according to our schedules. I am currently working about 30 hours a week.


  • Why I want to take this internship, and how it relates to my major

I would like to take this internship opportunity because it will give me a chance to grow within a network of communication professionals. I feel like taking this position would help me gain experience talking to individuals from different cultures. It would also give me a better understanding of how translations companies functions and build my confidence in marketing through social media. It will also give me the chance to put new things into practice and learn valuable skills from marketing in an area such as Chinatown.


  • Website link:


Media Internship

This summer I am working as a media intern with a company called Skinbuttr. The link to their website is: I feel fortunate to be working with this company for a few reasons – the brand uses only natural ingredients in their products, is free of harsh chemicals and toxins, and is not tested on animals. I am a vegetarian and strongly believe in ethical business so these elements attracted me to the company initially. The marketing that has been created and that I will be contributing to is focused on creating images and content that celebrate female empowerment, natural beauty, diversity and self acceptance. The beauty industry is saturated with media that I believe oppresses women and pressures them to conform to unrealistic standards. For this reason I am inspired to be part of Skinbuttr’s growth.

I met the CEO through networking and through my interest in the company. I attended company events and also share some mutual friends. I will be working with her directly which is inspiring to me as a woman interested in marketing and business. I met with her a few times to discuss my ideas to expand the brand and it is important to me that I demonstrate how valuable I can be.

I have begun writing weekly blogs and other pieces to use on the company website. I also plan to write articles, blogs, and press releases to pitch to other websites. I am currently working on an interview with the CEO, which I will be pitching to different media outlets. There will be a few events throughout the summer that I will be helping to organize. The nearest one is a pop-up shop in July. I will be doing press releases and other forms of promotion to ensure a good turnout and will also be doing coverage of the event. Another responsibility I will have is managing social media accounts. I have been doing photography and product shooting on location in Europe and will also be assisting video tutorial shoots. This kind of work uses the skills I am most passionate about: writing and photography. It is rewarding to me and so far I’m enjoying it very much.

Through this internship I am hoping to gain experience in media that I can use for my own entrepreneurial endeavors. I’m learning all the skills necessary to succeed in business, and working with a mentor who has done so herself. I’m excited for the interview I’m working on because I admire female entrepreneurs and want to learn as much as I can. It’s inspiring to see someone doing what I want to do in the near future.

My hours depend on how long it takes me to complete tasks, and certain tasks I am working on continuously throughout the day (like updating social media accounts and corresponding with my supervisor). I am spending between 15-20 hours a week on various tasks. Writing sometimes takes longer to go through the editing process and be approved. Once the date of the event comes nearer I will be spending more hours preparing for it.


My current internship is with the telecommunications company Sprint. I am interning at one of their flagship corporate stores over on Bryant Park. My current manager has done an excellent job in listening to me and trying to give me an overall great experience in learning about the field of Communications. I wasn’t exactly sure which area of communications id likes to focus on, but I had ideas like media relations or employee relations. I am also somewhat interested in marketing, as I have learned a thing or two in my college experience. After letting my manager know about these different interests, she was able to assure me that working at Sprint I will be wearing multiple hats and executing various roles. As a result, my manager will be giving me different situations and duties that deal with all three of these forms of communications to a degree. For example, some of my duties will be:

Some tasks are administrative; I file paperwork, handle phone calls/emails and answer questions, as well as properly disposing of proprietary information.

Media relations: I will be doing some entry-level marketing and P.R for that specific retail location. Things like taking images of the store and its area, as well as updating it with current deals and promotions. for example at Sprint we have an event every couple months called Sprint Says Thanks! I will be handling the marketing for that upcoming event. I will also do some minimal P.R through that platform and reach out to customers, addressing their concerns.

Employee relations: I have already been able to sit and help conduct two face-face interviews. My manager will be helping me understand the hiring and firing process and what steps to take in either direction. What to look for in candidates and how to handle current employees and their situations.

Considering my experience with sales, I will also be doing some light sales training for the company. Things like selling the value of Sprint’s devices, accessories and service plans, as well as maximizing Sprint-customer connections and personalizing the customer experience. I will try to secure some business accounts for Sprint and manage the accounts over the course of my internship. This part of my internship I am the least excited about and may not spend too much time in this area. I am already experienced in sales and although I like selling to a certain extent, I am no longer as interested. I want to learn new and different aspects of communications and feel that my new knowledge and experience can be combined with my sales experience, leading me to become more efficient in my field.

In general I will be learning a few different aspects of the communications field. Media relations, employee relations, customer service and some marketing are what I will focus on. I am confident that this internship will provide me with the skills and experience necessary to become successful in my field. Although I have some ideas as to what I want to focus on, I’m still not sure what specific field of communications interests me the most. It is my hope that sometime during the internship or shortly after, that I can truly figure out what it is I want to do going forward.

Daryll Jones- Introduction to my internship

Hello class,

I look forward to a productive summer. I am very excited to share my internship as I believe that this is turning into a very positive experience. I am currently interning with Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Representative. The duties of my role include: Financial Planning, Risk Management, Wealth Preservation and Accumulation, and Insurance. The goal is to establish a book of business in order to conduct my services to potential clients. In order to develop my market, It will require me to pursue different marketing communication channels. Just three days into the internship, I can now see the purpose behind professional networking and developing good relationships with everyone; especially people of influence. As I start meeting with people in my “warm market” I am trying to figure out, who may appreciate the value of the services I offer. Not only is this internship teaching me about the business but also how to manage my existing relationships and maximize them to their full potential. What’s awesome about this internship is that it gives me the ability to test drive a career. Northwestern mutual provides me with great support and mentoring from management as well as excellent training. Each week there are three development meetings in which we recap throughout the week to track our progress. During these meetings we discuss some areas of improvement and what has worked in the past for some successful financial advisors. These meetings are especially important to me because, this is a career I would like to pursue. I am acting as a sponge in that regard as I’m just trying to learn as much as I can this summer to really get a full understanding of the career. So far,  this internship has been great, I’ve been awarded the opportunity to build my own business with no restraints. The hours are extremely flexible, I work as much as I can and even on some non typical work hours as well. Monday- Friday, 8am-6pm is a typical work week for me. On the weekends I plan on meeting with clients. I love this freedom, it’s liberating to be able to come and go as I please and like what I’m doing. I’m helping people plan better for the future. Most people, as I’m finding, are uneducated about how to effectively financially plan. It’s life changing for some and for others it’s merely another source of Income. I am very thankful for this opportunity and what it has done for me so far. I came about this internship through indeed. Indeed is a job searching platform that allows employers to post jobs and candidates to apply for those jobs. In some cases employers may reach out to prospective employees in order to call them in for an interview. In my case, I was recruited into this internship. An associate from the firm emailed me about the internship and how I’d be a good fit for it during the time I was actively looking for an internship so I thought I’d give it a try. Now, I can safely say it was worth trying. Then again, riskless business is risky business.

Servant Leader Intern at Riverside Church Freedom School

Hello Class!

My name is Milcah Slater and I will be a Servant Leader at Riverside Church Freedom School. I am responsible for front-line care and the nurture of children. By using the Integrated Reading Curriculum, I will serve as a facilitator in the classroom and organize parent workshops and community outreach activities.

According to the Children’s Defense Fund Website:

“Freedom School curriculum is rooted in the Civil Rights Movement and based on the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964, organized by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO). The Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program was created in 1995 and has since served more than 135,000 scholars.

Based on a Philliber Research Associates evaluation of the Freedom School program, scholars who attend Freedom School programs score significantly higher on standardized reading achievement tests than children who attend other summer enrichment programs. African American middle school boys made the greatest gains of all.”

Riverside’s Freedom School offers scholars:

  • Independent academic coaching from the Children’s Defense Fund reading enrichment resource.
  • Support and love from a host of inter-generational Servant Leaders.
  • Two healthy meals and a snack every day ( in my case, my organization raised enough money for scholars to receive cater meals).
  • Daily active afternoon activities promoting learning and physical engagement.

How did I find the Internship?

I was refer by my academic coach from New Yorkers For Children. She suggested this internship due to my passion and experience of working with young – adults in the foster care system, so she thought this would be a great fit for me in improving my skills in working with youth that are much younger.

Role/ Responsibility

  • Delivering the Integrated Reading Curriculum to a class for 6 weeks, according to the standards developed by the Children’s Defense Fund and the standards of Riverside Freedom School
  • Set up and break down the classroom space, including securing and organizing the appropriate materials.

  • Collaborate with staff to establish and maintain a supportive and structured environment for the children entrusted to their care.

  • Serve as a Servant leader each day of program operation.

  • Serve as a Servant leader of afternoon activities and other special events; chaperone field trips. Participate fully in the National Training.

  • Read a different book each day to a group of students, grades K-2.

What do I hope to gain from this internship

I hope to gain more experience in working with younger youth, which can make me a more flexible candidate in the education profession. Through this new experience, I will be able to develop my leadership capabilities, improve my writing and communication skills. My goal is to help children maintain the knowledge they’ve learned during the regular school year and improve the skills that they already possess. This internship will allow me to be not only an excellent teacher but also be a better advocate for youth that are less fortunate than me or don’t have the courage to speak up.


The general hours are about 40 – 45 hours per week. ( 7:30 am – 3:30 pm). However each day, all servant leaders must meet with the Director and Site Coordinator to debrief, which can take additional time.


Freedom School





I am currently interning at Financial Times, a British newspaper with an office in NYC. I applied to this internship thru Linked In. The interview was fairly easy. First it was a phone interview, in which they asked me my language skills as well as my hobbies and activities. After, I had to write a prompt email targeting Latin America in Spanish, and then I went to the office in Tribeca for an interview. After a week, they offered me the position of an intern. I started June 6, 2017 working 20 hours a week, Tuesdays and Thursday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Their website is & the Spanish version is

One of my main role is to support the B2B Marketing Latin America team, by using Salesforce to monitor and track the campaign activities and update the system with leads and measure activity success. Working with the research team to help build the prospect lists and with the telemarketing team to qualify senior level suspects from marketing campaigns and events. Using Marketo to support digital campaigns. Also, research the Latin American market and try to finds new leads and opportunities to reach out the Latin American . At the moment, one my projects is to reach out to the central banks in Latin America as well as to universities interested in subscriptions with the FT.

Working for these past two weeks at Financial Times, has been very pleasant, their culture as company is very relax, and looking for innovation. The people working in here really believe in FT. The team  I am working with is very friendly, and my boss is very kind as well as attentive and open to any question that I have. The office environment is very relax and welcoming.  Every week they have an activity for the team for be more united. Also, every Thursday their is a team meetings where all share their achieves.

In the past weeks, I started to learn how the company work internally, and to use Marketo and Salesforce. Also, last week I was able to update new articles in the Spanish version of FT and created and sent a newsletter email for the Spanish version subscribers. Research is always present, and important for the team to find new leads and opportunities.

During this internship I would like to learn technical skill, such as the using Marketo and Sales Force. Aside for the technical skill, I would like to learn more in deep how B2B works and how Financial Times expand internationally into new markets. Also get experience in the sale corporate world, for in the future work in account management or sales.

Also, I have been a follower of this newspaper for quite a while, and working for them is really an honor. I am very enthusiastic and motivated to see the future experiences this company brings me.