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(Birchbox) Company name- or head of hiring name

(Position- ex. Director of Sales Northeast Division

Company name here if it’s a direct message to head of hiring ex. Tesla Motors

Company address: 530 Route 17 N

Paramus, NJ 07652


RE: Job ID # (if you can find one)

Dear Hiring Management Team:

I am writing this letter to apply for the Associate, Acquisition Marketing position described in your advertisement on Indeed. As a fresh Baruch undergraduate I bring with me an excellent work attitude and a strong desire that wants to utilize those characteristic at Tesla. I find that Tesla’s innovative brand, products, and services align with the type of work, being, I want to be apart of great things

My experiences as a Legislative Intern for New York State Senator David Carlucci, I have honed in my ability to organize plans, execute strategies, and effectively delegate and help co-workers complete task.


With a degree in Corporate Communications with a double minor in Marketing and Information Systems I offer a valuable set of interpersonal, technical and adaptive skills. According to the description of an ideal candidate, I also offer:


  • The ability to utilize intrapersonal skills to best corral effective cross-functional teams by understanding organizational structures, as evidenced during my Legislative Internship, in which I was chosen to help spearhead his successful campaign ballot.


  • Detail oriented organizational skills that continue to lead to a profitable esteemed Coach store by focusing attention on teamwork, business procedures, and customer’s current wants and prospective needs.


  • A work attitude that both appreciates and tackles day to day challenges, especially when it’s a chance to learn something new, giving me the opportunity to store that valuable on-the-job knowledge for future use.


The responsibilities related to the Associate, Acquisition Marketing role reassure me that my abilities will allow me to smoothly assist Senior Managers. An opportunity to work for Birchbox is an opportunity for me to be a part of a successful, growing, innovative company.


Warmest Regards,

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