My Intership

At the spa I intern for, myself and other coworkers are to arrive at 7 A.M. each morning to get everything ready for the day. Once we have everything prepared to begin the day I am greeting the clients and checking them in. I have to make sure I explain the rules and the regulation that we expect them to follow while using the facilities. I then like to escort each party or couple downstairs one by one to explain the different baths, its different temperature and their purpose. After everyone is checked in for the house I walk around the baths just to make sure everything is in order and everyone is enjoying their stay.
One some days we host different events such as bridal parties, birthday celebrations or sometimes private events. Each event usually last around two hours depending on how long they have rented the place for or sometimes the entire day. Every once in a while we do have celebrity visits, which is always exciting for me.
I also have to place the clients in with their therapist when it is time for their massage. The difficult part about placing the massages is that some clients have a special request prior to their booking or often time’s last minute wishes. Most times you have to change around the rooms of the therapist so that you can accommodate to the clients wishes. We like to start with the baths for the first hour and place clients in for the massage in the second hour. However, some clients like to start with their massages first instead of the baths. I have to schedule each massage so that everything runs in a timely manner making sure the massage doesn’t go over the expected time within the certain hour. I also have to assign breaks for the massage therapist.
We also hold a staff meeting at the beginning and the end of each week to talk about everything going on. I have to make sure to write down everything so that I can report it to my manager.
So far, I really enjoy doing a little bit of everything. On some days I also answer emails and phone calls from clients with any information issues they might have concerning the spa.

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