1. I tried to register for the class, but CUNYFirst says that the class is full. What do I do?

You need permission before you can enroll in COM 5010. Contact the Department at communication.studies@baruch.cuny.edu. The department secretary will check to see if you have the required pre-reqs to enroll in the course. Once it’s determined that you are eligible (see “Guidelines”), you will receive an email giving you permission to enroll and the course code. Just logon to CUNYFirst and register similar to your other classes.

2. Can I take the internship class whenever it fits in my schedule?

You can take the internship as soon as you have completed the pre-requisites.

3. What are the pre-requisites for taking the internship?

If your major is Business Communication/Corporate Communication, you must have completed at least two of the required COM courses, one of the electives in the major, and the prerequisite MGT and MKT courses.

If your major is Communication Studies, you must have completed COM 1010, COM 2000, the required course in your concentration, and one elective in your concentration.

4. Do I find my own internship? How do I find one?

Yes, the internship search is treated just like a job search. There are many ways we can help you with this search: attend an internship information session (scheduled once a semester), have your resume and/or cover letter reviewed with the Starr Career Center, look at postings on the Department blackboard site, and use STARR Search to look for internship opportunities, network with family and friends. You can also explore online sources such as those suggested at our
Department Career page.

5. I don’t have a resume yet. Where do I go to get help with my resume?

Go to the Starr Career Center on the 2nd floor of the Vertical Campus Building. You can make an appointment or go during walk in hours.

6. I have an offer for an internship, what do I need to do to get it approved?

Email the coordinator for the section of the class in which you are enrolled. Send her/him the following information: name of organization, specific internship duties, and reasons for wanting to
accept this particular internship. You will then receive an email back from your instructor regarding approval.

7. I just became a Corporate Communication major and I want to graduate as soon as possible. Can I take the internship as soon as I declare this major?

Not usually, but it depends. Eligibility for the internship requires that you’ve successfully finished certain classes that are part of the major. See item #3 above.

8. What types of internships can be approved for to fulfill the Corporate Communication internship requirement?

Non-profit or for-profit organizations in corporate communication and communication studies, or related areas and departments–in a wide range of industries. Opportunities include PR, human resources, international relations, public affairs, media, and other areas. Work with communication specialists first hand.

9. I already did an internship last summer. Can I count that internship for my COM 5010?

No. In order to receive credit for an internship, you must be simultaneously doing the internship and enrolled in the internship course, COM 5010. Keep in mind, however, that you can do as many noncredit internships as you want to. In fact, prior internship experience will no doubt make you more marketable when you apply for your COM 5010 internship experience.

10. I work full-time and take classes at night. I don’t have time for an internship. I heard you can get the class waived. Is that true?

If your major is Business Communication/Corporate Communication,
you may request a waiver for COM 5010. If you are approved for the waiver, you are then required to take an additional COM elective to substitute for COM 5010. The list of approved COM electives is available here. To apply for the waiver, you will need to provide written documentation from your employer of the full time status
(35+ hours per week): hours worked, title of your position, and length of time at the organization. (This information does not apply to Communication Studies majors because the internship course
in that major is not a required course.)

11. I work part-time and take classes. I don’t have time for an internship. I heard you can get the internship waived. Is that true?

Part-time work does not usually allow for a waiver; research has
shown that internships in the field of study and post-college target employment are of significant value. That’s why the course is required.

12. I already work part-time and I want to stay with this company, can’t I just count my current job as an internship?

No. Your current part time job is one demonstration of experience already on your resume; internships provide different and additional experiences.

13. Can I do more than one internship?

Yes, for a second credit-bearing internship you would enroll, again with permission, in internship, COM 5011 For a second internship, you must be employed at a different organization or department from the site you chose for COM 5010.

14. When you enroll in the internship course, is there a class that actually meets during the semester? Will meeting times conflict with my class/internship schedule? Are there assignments?

Yes, there is a class that meets during the semester and assignments. The instructor will provide several meeting time options. You are able to choose a day/time that does not conflict with your schedule. Remember these meetings are mandatory, and if you have to change internship hours for the meeting, make arrangements well ahead of time. Do not cut another class.

15. My internship manager said that I need a letter that shows I’m getting credit from Baruch College. What do I do to get this letter?

Once your internship is approved, request a letter from the department assistant at communication.studies@baruch.cuny.edu. Provide the name of your employer, the name and title of the person who is to receive the letter, their full mailing address, and a fax number or email. We will send the letter for you.

16. When does the department hold information sessions about the internship class?

Once a semester in fall and spring. For information about the next session, see the department Blackboard site or contact the department.