Concord UA was created and written by a student journalist from Baruch College Elona Voytovych to unveil the far reaching influence of the Ukrainian crisis in New York’s Ukrainian and Russian immigrant communities. It presents individual account of immigrant families caught in the midst of a power struggle between the Western and Russian ideologies.

Ukraine unfortunately has been “divided” into pro Russian and Pro European sides in the 22 years of development after the collapse of communism. The new generation of Ukrainians born during the years of independency — envisions the nation’s prosperity among European counties. Contrary to the modern thinkers, the roots of the communist generation pull elders into a comfort zone called Russia. The deep-rooted issues have resulted the uprise of Ukrainian two sides and an undeclared civil war.

The blog reiterates the conflict on an individual level from immigrant families residing in New York that have in one way or another been touched by the biggest conflict of interest in Ukraine since its independence. CONCORD UA objectively embraces the Russian and Ukrainian side of the story. It will strives to expose the effects of propaganda on opposing sides of the conflict by publishing unique interviews with NYers that hold an exclusive ability to distinguish the truth from deceit as observers.