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Trivia and Dumpling Day 2022

Returning back to In-Person events went off to a great start with the 2022 Trivia and Dumpling Day! Thank you to those who joined us!

Thank you to the CPP Team and Baruch International Student Services Center who cosponsored and helped to make this event a success!
2022 Trivia and Dumpling Day Winners

2019 Events!


Fall 2018 Orientation!

Fall 2018 Trivia and Dumpling Challenge Winners!

TD Challenge Winners

Fall 2018: Game Night

Fall 2018: Cultural Hangout Day

Fall 2018: Kickoff Party

Fall 2018: Orientation

Fall 2018: Recruitment

Spring 2018: Closing Ceremony

Spring 2018: Tea Time and Feedback Session

Spring 2018: Game Night

Spring 2018: Co-sponsorship with MakerHub

Spring 2018: Trivia and Dumpling Day

Spring 2018: Welcome Event

Spring 2018: Orientation

Spring 2018: Club Fair

Spring 2018: New Student Welcome

Fall 2017: Closing Ceremony

Fall 2017: Tea Time and Feedback Session

Fall 2017: Professional Event

Fall 2017: CPP Social with Maker Hub

Fall 2017: Cultural Hangout Day

Fall 2017: Game Night

Fall 2017: Trivia and Dumpling Event

Fall 2017: Club Fair

Fall 2017: Welcome Event

Fall 2017: Orientation

Fall 2017: Transfer Student Fair

Fall 2017: Convocation Day

Spring 2017: Closing Ceremony

Spring 2017: Tea Time

Spring 2017: Game Night

Spring 2017: Cultural Hangout Day

Spring 2017: Trivia & Dumpling Day

Spring 2017: Welcome Event

Spring 2017: Orientations & GIM

Fall 2016: Orientation

Spring 2016: Welcome event

Spring 2016: Orientation

Fall 2015: Orientation and Club Fair

Spring 2015: Planning Meeting

Fall 2014: Minigolf

Fall 2014: Group Vinyasa Yoga

Fall 2014: Iceskating

Fall 2014: Feedback Event

Fall 2014: TED Meets CPP

Fall 2014: Cultural Trivia Day

Fall 2014: Orientation

Fall 2013: Feedback event

Spring 2013: Feedback event