“A beautiful and inspiring event in celebration of creativity, curiosity, and intellectual risk-taking.”

Zoe Sheehan-Saldaña, Professor of Fine and Performing Arts


Starting in 2014, a group of faculty and administrators collaborated to organize Creative Inquiry Day (CID), a Celebration of Student Research and Creative Inquiry. The effort originated in the desire to cultivate more course-based opportunities for students to participate in research and experiential learning. CID presentations offered a showcase for the recognition of student projects that help build a culture of inquiry-based coursework, mentorship, and pipelines for scholarship.

Co-sponsored by the Baruch Honors Program and the College’s Bernard L. Schwartz Communications Institute, the event has brought together as many as 250 students presenting over 125 projects a year. The pandemic posed a particular challenge but Creative Inquiry Day Online demonstrated the resilience of Baruch’s amazing students and faculty who were able to continue their research and complete poster projects during the challenges of COVID-19.

In 2022, we anticipate building on what we learned about making the event a virtual one, and will add a smaller in-person event.