Week Two

Lee Friedlander is a street photographer, he can fully express his idea by the combination of black and white. Friedlander is good at using mirror as a tool, creates pictures within pictures. Back to color skim, I feel that black and white is the best combination to record the history, because it illustrates the sense of age. I barely like his artworks of hotel room, where the TVs was turned on. I don’t know if that picture on TV is designed by Photoshop or from the channel itself, but that makes me feels of bad things. My generation was grew up by watching terror movie that always has a black and white TV, and by ending up the “Ghost” climbed out from the TV. However, I like the way he takes portrait,where people don’t realized that they on camera, showing no emotes and having a natural emotion. (In addition I like the picture where he shoot his shadow from someone’s back) Talking about color skim, another photographer I like is Ansel Adams, his photographs create a beauty of contrast. I mean that because natures, flowers, mountains suppose to be very colorful, suppose to be a “living” thing or greenness. I searched through his artwork, and I found out his artworks contain fortitude,strong willingness to be alive, is like a miracle where the flower bloom out from a stone. It gave me a feeling of Hope! The last artist I like is Andy Warhol, especially on his portraits, or for others celebrities, his uses of different color, or drawing technics interested me a bit. I only like the few pictures that was posted through the lecture video, maybe I need more resources/access to another arts he got, I believe I will enjoy it.