Thoughts on the Group Project

Good morning, Comm1010 folks.

I read through your posts over the weekend, and wanted to post a couple quick thoughts about some common threads I noticed that might help you with your group project. I’m sure you all have your own awesome ideas, but in case it’s helpful, here are some things I noticed:

  • Maintaining engagement and interaction in the online sessions.¬†While many of you mentioned the inherent apparent contradiction in taking a public speaking class online, you seem confident in the benefits of hybridization. However, many of you expressed concern about what you might lose in a class like Comm1010 in the online space. You all had some great ideas about how to keep students engaged, though, so I wonder if you might want to put together a handbook or guide of ideas about how to do this in Comm1010 specifically.
  • Workflow. While you all had interesting and effective examples of assignments that already break out of the grid structure, you noted the challenges of timing, and wondered how to make the online space work for the face-to-face sessions. It might be neat to design an assignment series that tackles these questions.