The Poet Slave of Cuba (Pages 87-129)

Entry Question

What mental and emotional techniques do you use to cope when you are feeling stressed out and/or under pressure?



In this third section of the poetry collection, The Poet Slave of Cuba,  Margarita Engle goes deeper into the traumatic relationship between La Condesa del Prado Ameno and the young Juan Francisco Manzano. The reader learns about the constant punishment Juan barely endures and how this almost daily torture tries to suffocate Juan’s literary inclinations and his will. It could be argued that the extreme acts against Juan are looking to kill him or at least slowly destroy his body and mind.

However, Engle also focuses on Juan’s deep reflections, spirituality, and poetic views.

What ideas and images stand out from his description of la zafra, the sugarcane harvest? (Pages 87-9)

Oral Presentation on the poetry book The Poet Slave of Cuba (Pages 87-129).



Castillo,Devora E

Group Discussion

How Juan Francisco Manzano uses his creativity, spirituality, and intellectual skills to survive the horror imposed by la Marquesa del Prado Ameno?

Pages 93-4, 100, 102,  104-105, 106, 107-9, 107, 120-4, 127-9