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November 13th, 2010

Change is the Essence of Life.

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Passion. It does have a place in the hierarchy of life.

I’m used to separating passion with things I must do. There’s  debt I must repay, and that is something I have to do. Everything else is just details. Things are rarely that simple. Even subconsciously we strive towards the things we fever for. It takes effort and a step beyond ourselves to realize that.

I won’t claim that the Community Service Project made a huge change in my persona, but it has dawned realization. Though the extent to which I utilized the expertise and staff is questionable, the knowledge that they were there was undoubtedly comforting. it’s a sort of a safety net that we’d all like to have. A safe button before the big bad boss.

With a hint of whimsy, I will claim the honors study lounge a support center that I’ve utilized.  The haven just beyond the intrepid staircase of the harrowing steps. Yes I’m making it as blunt as paper that I’ve  graciously tripped many many times. The twin tables that hold the commerce of knowledge. The glass opening to the story of the lone anemic tree and the fire escape ladder whose steps look safer than the intrepid staircase of the harrowing steps. These are the stipulations one must face when  utilizing the honors study lounge.

Though the stipulations seem daunting, the bounty is plentiful, Having a variety of beautiful minds in one room creates the cynosure of student life. I will take a moment to describe a personal pet peeve of mine. The saying, ” all great minds think alike.” It makes me implode. Majority does not imply perfection. Yet we ask ourselves where peer pressure begins.  Back to the cynosure. It’s a source of knowledge, discovery, and dallying. All aspects an idealist champion can splendor.

As I’ve mentioned before, looking to the future is not a talent I’ve mastered. Too many possibilities. Too many expectations. As organized and structured as i can attempt to be, I will always and undoubtedly fail. Whether that’s a hinderance or an opportunity is another question. I find solace in the realm of the unknown. Naive for sure, but I see endless opportunity. I will put the knowledge of these resources in my survival pack.

I will also include a can of passion in that survival pack. It’ll serve as an epitaph to the one that came before the idealistic champion. Through my participation in the project, I’ve discovered that passion finds us consciously and subconsciously .Partnerships for Parks started out as a plea for manual labor, but it uprooted a distant memories. I will avoid personal sentiments and focus on the park where I thrived as a child. It was a terrain that held adventure and mystery. In going from where the sun ross to where it set meant going from the the top created from gravel to the watery bottom that nearly claimed an idealistic champion. Let’s quiet the memories and decipher what they mean. The park that alongside my parents raised me left a seed of appreciation in me. Parks are a neutral ground. Take Madison Square Park for instance. The benches are shared by the suits and the parents, the young and the old, the financially fit and the not so very. It’s a modern garden of eden where a deep breath and a tilt of the neck can do wonders. I lost the passion in the requirements for education, but am slowly embracing them once more.

A to fin, food for thought to indulge.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself

Leo Tolstoy

November 3rd, 2010

Была́ не была́.

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I have not found my role. To make a whimsical reference to theater, I am auditioning. I know what is expected of me. I have the script. I have yet to make it my own. It’s a hurdle.  It’s a mix of little eccentricities that create the perfect storm.  Everyone takes change differently, and I apparently don’t do well at all.

According to the Myer Briggs personality assessment, I am an ENFP. (Champion). Why would I take such a test? A test may come up once or twice in a lifetime, but I hear about it repeatedly. So I decide to succumb to coincidence and take the test. If you take anything away from this reading, please do remember that to confuse coincidence with fate or signs is to confuse flour with asbestos.  Don’t do it.

While I doubt the validity of the test, I can certainly go for the role of an idealist champion.  I’ll take the liberty to pat myself on the back and go as far as say that I have the gusto, the knack, and the pure Dariya-ness that is necessary for an idealist champion.  What it comes down to is execution. It’s easy to be a beautiful mind. Being able to think means nothing without contribution.  As the good ol’ Russian proverb goes, Аво́сь да как-нибу́дь до добра́ не доведу́т.

What will the idealist champion contribute? Joviality maybe. An interesting dinner conversation for sure. Something that will change the Baruch script as we know it? Maybe.  Too many questions and too many possibilities, which call for action! So stay tuned and take notes. This will be epic.

September 25th, 2010

Who is Dasha and where is she going?

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Born: Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Favorite Movie: Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром! Translation? The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

First Food Memory: Syrup Kasha.

Hair color:  Who knows? I haven’t since I was four.

Coolest Person I Haven’t Met Yet: Steven Jobs

Best Thing to Ever Happen to Television: Big Bang Theory

Ridiculous Fact: I get motion sickness from video games.

Soundtrack to My Life: The Killers- Spaceman. Please do ask why.

Since you’ve kept reading through my impersonal attempt at revealing the gritty details of who I am, I might as well quench your thirst for a tall glass of crazy .

I don’t recall answering the ever-dominant question,” who do you want to be when you grow up?” until I was required to write an essay about it for college. Still, even if I was asked the question at a naive age of four I’d probably ignore it. It’s ridiculous to think that there comes a moment in one’s life when the growing process stops. Sure physically maybe, but shrinking counts as growth in the opposite direction.

What would I measure success in? The people that surround me. Everyone who reads this blog entry already has brownie points for living in the mecca that is New York City. The people that can stand us are a representation of who we are.  I can say without bias that I’m surrounded by some amazing people. Guess that makes me kinda awesome.

It’s hard to list my expectations, hopes and concerns because I don’t like to look that far ahead. Taking it one day at a time works better for me.  Hopes can’t replace action. Concerns are distractions. Graduating and getting a job seems to be the obvious answer, but if I fall into a pattern of measuring my successes through a bank account and a fancy piece of paper then I might as well pick my poison.

I’d like to give an overview of the events that influenced my developing psyche. I’ve tried to go in-depth for an autobiography assignment. I left it as is on page sixteen. Now you might want to know the grizzly details for all of them but everything will come in time.

There’s the almost watery grave. A painful lesson in gravity. The great outdoors in a tiny backpack. A flight to Moscow. The case of the chairs and the snickers commercial. The final transition. The great discovery of the orange pumpkin. The Russian domination of an E.S.L class . The physical bout for honor and a hula-hoop.  An unfortunate series of events for an eagle.  The case of a missing pen and a mouth full of green.  The battle for what’s right and what’s redneck.  The redefinition of a social experiment. Mr. Gray and the bleak, bleak world. College Club Fight Now.

Each and every tittle has its own lucrative aspect. Some share in comedy. Others in…    Dramatic pause

All are little anatomical aspects that combine to make a Dasha.

Seems like I’ve still good your attention. Good. I’ve hit word number 500,which means I should wrap this expose up. I know how zenith feels.  I know how nadir feels. I appreciate both equally because they make life interesting. I get through each with equal gusto and leave them where they belong.

In conclusion, С лёгким паром!

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