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Community service was, is, and always will be a big part of my life. Although the areas of service may vary, they share a common goal: To give back to the community. For this reason, I carry on without any hesitance or cautiousness. The Community Service Project gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and seek out a different type of organization like inMotion. It’s wonderful to find organizations like this because it is often overlooked and considered less significant than other large organizations. I am most glad that I took the time to attend the Baruch Volunteer Fair because, otherwise, I would have not found inMotion, a small and less known, but most certainly a meaningful, organization. I realize that there are many resources available around the school, and it only takes a small amount of effort to discover them. There are bountiful opportunities to expand one’s interests. Joining clubs and seeking out for guidance at the writing center and the STARR career center have helped me personally. A thorough step-by-step help from the writing tutor impressed me, and “a hidden gem” program at the STARR career center. I call it “a hidden gem” because I would not have found out about it if I did not take the initiative to seek the updates on programs available at Baruch. I am excited for a program I recently signed up for, because it will help me set down the first trail to my potential career. I also find speaking to professors, advisors, and fellow students outside of classroom help bond relationships, create networks, and learn from their experiences. The community service project has inspired me to use my innovative skills to good use. I am currently thinking about ways to help low wage income families who earn money by selling their products on the streets. This may perhaps be done through a creative marketing system or a specifically designed product targeting a specific audience. It is something I’m thinking about carrying out into action. If anyone were interested in coming up with brilliant ideas that I know we are capable of generating, it would be great to come together for a good cause. Honestly, I don’t know where I’ll be in three years. I may be walking ferociously though mass of people to get to work in the city working for a big company, or waking up to chirping birds in my suburban home slowly getting ready to go work for a firm, or going through major jetlag traveling from one place to another, or enjoying my life on a rocking chair somewhere in the South and becoming a southern belle. Who knows. But I know this much, I’ll be okay and every previous experiences and memories will not go to waste. I’m constantly evolving to become the best I can be.

What does it mean to serve your community?

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Without me knowing, community service has become my second nature. It’s about contributing one’s time, energy, and compassion. Even if Baruch Scholars Program did not require me to complete an eight hours community service, I cannot imagine going through such long period of time without any. Fortunately, there have not been one organization that I didn’t love working with. It is when one views these commitments as their rightful duty that one truly is contributing to the community. This attitude can take you to many places as it did for me.  Once, I had the opportunity of talking to a group of constituents about their concerns, hopes, recommendations, stories, and stands on political issues. Not only was it a valuable experience because I interacted more with my community, but it gave me the opportunity to think in a broader perspective. If Baruch students have not experienced this feeling of giving back to the community and experiencing their impacts, I sure hope that they find what they’re passionate about. The best thing about community service is that anyone can do it. It gives everyone equal chances to contribute. I don’t believe that one man can run the world. It is all about a good balance between quantity and quality. Personally, my life has gained more meaning by getting myself involved with community service such as campaigning for a candidate running for Congress (interacting with all the constituents), a legislator in my county (aiding his work on programs such as the smart seniors), a lobbyist (learning what it takes to stand for a special interest group), a summer academic school (balancing to work with children and the staff), etc.  I feel fortunate for having the awesome experiences that eventually sculpted my own view and opinion.

where have you been and where are you going

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I have many people to thank for my current beliefs and values. Knowledge may come with age, but warm compassion is ageless. My parents, sisters, life mentor, friends, co-workers, and even those outside of these categories have taught me more than any books can. Once, I met an adorable girl while volunteering at a summer camp. Her entire wardrobe was pink. She would always bring me a piece of paper to play hangman. She would giggle for every “yes,” and “no,” I said when she guessed the letters. Half the summer went by and a terrible event occurred. Just as I was headed back to the gym class, there were nurses, teachers, wheelchair, and children staring. It turned out that she has a junior arthritis. She couldn’t even scream because it hurted too bad. She couldn’t get up. She just lay on the floor crying. She would have to live with this illness her entire life. I would’ve never guessed because of how happy and giggly she was everyday. I remembered complaining about my tall height, unproportional feet size, glasses, etc. I know how special she and the other children are. Sometimes, we forget how fortunate we are. My daily routine consists of staying thankful and happy with my inner self. Yes, this 10 year old changed the way I view life.

To be completely honest, I’m not set on what I want to become. I sometimes envy those who’ve had a set future plan but I believe my openness to different opportunities will mold me just the right amount. Whatever I end up doing, I know one thing; my ultimate goal is to set up my own non-profit organization dedicated to finding, raising, and helping to meet every children’s unique potentials. I believe that not everyone’s fit to be either a doctor, lawyer, or a teacher. I’d like to give them the opportunity to experience new fields where they feel happy and confident.

I’ve already met a few inspiring, intelligent, and compassionate people from Baruch. I hope to learn from their examples on my journey to finding who I am.

Hello world!

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