DELTA Schedule

Delta seminars are typically held on select Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15-1:45 pm at the Newman Vertical Campus (exceptions will be noted). For inquiries, please contact, please contact Prof. Lauren Aydinliyim by email. Below are the details of current, future, and past seminars.

Date Room Speaker Affiliation Title
4-Feb-20 9-215 Matthew Lee NYU Stern Community-Mediated Exchange and Collective Loan Defaults in Microfinance: Evidence from Indian Demonetization
27-Feb-20 9-215 Matt Marx Boston U Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Venture Failure, Scandal, and Employee Careers
31-Mar-20 (cancelled) 9-215 Heather Vough George Mason Cancelled due to COVID-19 – will be rescheduled – TBD


9-215 Evan Starr Maryland  Cancelled due to COVID-19 – will be rescheduled – Low-Wage Workers and the Enforceability of Non-Compete Agreements
30-Apr-20 9-215 Diane Gibson and Shirley Liu New York Research Data Center (NYRDC) Outreach and Overview of the NYRDC (Use and access of Census data)
5-May-20 (cancelled) 9-210 Danielle Warren Rutgers Cancelled due to COVID-19 – will be rescheduled – TBD
Fall 2020 TBD Rosemarie Ziedonis – Boston U

Rajshree Agarwal – Maryland

Melissa Schilling – NYU Stern

John Delery – Arkansas (rescheduled from Sp. 2020)

28-Feb-19 9-215 Ruth Aguilera Northeastern U Complements or Substitutes? A Configurational Comparative Examination of Anti-takeover Provisions and CSR
21-Mar-19 9-215 Rebecca Kehoe Rutgers U An Expanded Conceptualization of Line Managers’ Involvement in Human Resource Management
4-Apr-19 9-215 Daniel Keum Columbia U Sibling Rivalry: Zero-Sum Dynamics of Managerial Power and Firm Value in Business Groups
7-May-19 9-215 Andreas Polk Berlin SCEL Determinants of Water Prices in Germany
26-Sep-19 9-215 Nilanjana Dutt Bocconi U Learning to Manage Breadth: The Effect of Experience in US Toxic Waste Management
10-Oct-19 9-215 Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra Northeastern U State-owned Multinationals
7-Nov-19 9-215 Eun-Hee Kim Fordham U Are Financially Transparent Firms Environmentally Transparent Too?  Sustainability Materiality and Its Impact on Idiosyncratic Volatility
21-Nov-19 9-215 Oana Branzei Ivey BS Place-based organizing
15-Feb-18 14-240 Rajeev Sawant Baruch College New Product Production as Firm Risk-taking and its Effect on Firm Performance
14-Mar-18 14-280 John Amis U of Edinburgh Image, Emotion, and the Framing of the European Migration Crisis
12-Apr-18 14-270 Robert Phillips York U,  Canada Stakeholder Friction
3-May-18 14-270 Caroline Flammer Boston U Corporate Green Bonds
4-Oct-18 9-215 Josep A. Tribó-Giné Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain Not Walking the Talk? Divergence of Interests between Organizations and their Leaders in Impression Management Following Controversial Business Activities
8-Nov-18 9-215 Shweta Gaonkar Johns Hopkins U In the Shadows: The Spinout Network and Firm Performance
6-Dec-18 9-215 Glen W.S. Dowell Cornell U Game of Transparency: The Role of Local Communities in Corporate Environmental Disclosure Strategy
20-Sep-17 14-245 Jone Pearce UC Irvine A Theory of Workplace Favoritism
9-Nov-17 14-240 Jeffery S. McMullen Indiana U Social Entrepreneurship and the Development Paradox of Prosocial Motivation: A Cautionary Tale
17-Oct-16 14-240 Michele Kacmar Texas State U Perceptions of Organizational Politics
20-Oct-16 14-240 Robert Vandenberg U of Georgia Advancing the Revolution with a Solution: A Call to A.R.M.S
7-Nov-16 14-240 Denyse Lewin Loyd U of Illinois, UC When an Out-Group Member Brings Us Together: How Status Influences Information Sharing between Disagreeing In-Group Members
10-Nov-16 14-240 Sinziana Dorobantu NYU Valuing Stakeholder Governance: Property Rights, Stakeholder Mobilization and the Value of Community Benefits Agreements