DELTA Schedule

Delta seminars are held on select Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15-1:45 pm at the Newman Vertical Campus (exceptions will be noted). For inquiries, please contact, please contact Prof. Lauren Aydinliyim by email. Below are the details of current, future, and past seminars.

NOTE: Our Spring 2022 seminar series will be held via a mix of in-person and virtual talks, and we plan to offer a remote option for in-person talks. If you would like to join us, please get in touch!

Date Room Speaker Affiliation Title
24-Feb-22 14-230 Andrew Corbett Babson The Development of an Entrepreneurial Mindset
3-Mar-22 (12:30 start) Virtual Russ Coff Wisconsin-Madison Manipulating Perceptions of Asset Specificity in Alliances: A Microfoundational Approach to Designing Governance Structures (with Libby Weber)
8-Mar-22 14-230 Sara Jespersen Copenhagen Business School Exploring the issue-based field for responsible corporate tax practice
31-Mar-22 (12:30 start) 14-230 Shad Morris BYU Human Resource Governance Within a Workforce Ecosystem
4/12/2022 Virtual Norm Bishara Michigan The Evolving Future of Noncompetes and Employee Mobility Law
3-May-22 Virtual Deepak Somaya Illinois UC External Knowledge Sourcing and Employee Mobility Barriers
10-May-22 Virtual Grazia Santangelo Copenhagen Business School Investor response to the appointment of female CEOs – An international stakeholder perspective
2-Mar-21 Virtual Navid Asgari Fordham Divestment of Relational Assets Following Acquisitions: Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
11-Mar-21 Virtual Gideon Markman Colorado State TBD
6-Apr-21 Virtual Andrew Nelson Oregon Back to the Future: Technology Reemergence through the Lens of Music Synthesizers
15-Apr-21 Virtual Danielle Warren Rutgers  Don’t just trust your gut: the importance of normative deliberation to ethical decision-making at work
20-Apr-21 Virtual Andrew King Boston U The use of model uncertainty analysis in evaluating the relationship between corporate social and financial performance
27-Apr-21 Virtual Baruch College PhD Students (Part 1)
4-May-21 Virtual Baruch College PhD Students (Part 2)
5-Oct-21 Virtual Rocio Bonet IE Business School Workers on Demand? Effects of On-Demand Schedules on Employee Absenteeism and Patient Dissatisfaction in a Home Healthcare Organization
9-Nov-21 Virtual Brent Goldfarb Maryland Using Historical Methods to Improve Abduction and Inference to the Best Explanation in Strategy
18-Nov-21 Virtual John Mawdsley HEC Paris A Competitive-Based Explanation for Gender Diversity: The Role of Potential Buyers
30-Nov-21 Virtual Baruch College Senior PhD Students
7-Dec-21 Virtual Frank Wijen Erasmus  Intradomain Decoupling: Tradeoffs in the Chinese Government’s Environmental Policy
4-Feb-20 9-215 Matthew Lee NYU Stern Community-Mediated Exchange and Collective Loan Defaults in Microfinance: Evidence from Indian Demonetization
27-Feb-20 9-215 Matt Marx Boston U Fake It ‘Til You Make It: Venture Failure, Scandal, and Employee Careers
31-Mar-20 Heather Vough George Mason  Cancelled due to COVID-19 – rescheduled to Sept. 2020
21-Apr-20 Evan Starr Maryland  Cancelled due to COVID-19 – rescheduled to Nov. 2020
30-Apr-20 Virtual Diane Gibson and Shirley Liu New York Research Data Center (NYRDC) Outreach and Overview of the NYRDC (Use and access of Census data)
5-May-20 Danielle Warren Rutgers  Cancelled due to COVID-19 – will be rescheduled, hopefully SP2021
22-Sep-20 Virtual Heather Vough George Mason  I am and I am not: Founders’ responses to the multiple meanings of ‘entrepreneur’
8-Oct-20 Virtual Marketa Rickley UNC Greensboro From individual microfoundations to team emergence: How does international experience in top management teams affect foreign subsidiary performance?
13-Oct-20 Virtual Faculty “Brown Bag” Baruch College Ivan Montiel – Should I stay or should I go? Theorizing on private standard decertification

Elena Vidal – Divestitures and New Product Development: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry

3-Nov-20 Virtual Catherine Magellsen LBS Knowledge Flows and Contracting for Innovation within Firms
10-Nov-20 Virtual Evan Starr Maryland  Subjective Beliefs about Contract Enforceability
17-Nov-20 Virtual Ovul Sezer UNC Kenan Flagler Hiding Succcess
28-Feb-19 9-215 Ruth Aguilera Northeastern U Complements or Substitutes? A Configurational Comparative Examination of Anti-takeover Provisions and CSR
21-Mar-19 9-215 Rebecca Kehoe Rutgers U An Expanded Conceptualization of Line Managers’ Involvement in Human Resource Management
4-Apr-19 9-215 Daniel Keum Columbia U Sibling Rivalry: Zero-Sum Dynamics of Managerial Power and Firm Value in Business Groups
7-May-19 9-215 Andreas Polk Berlin SCEL Determinants of Water Prices in Germany
26-Sep-19 9-215 Nilanjana Dutt Bocconi U Learning to Manage Breadth: The Effect of Experience in US Toxic Waste Management
10-Oct-19 9-215 Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra Northeastern U State-owned Multinationals
7-Nov-19 9-215 Eun-Hee Kim Fordham U Are Financially Transparent Firms Environmentally Transparent Too?  Sustainability Materiality and Its Impact on Idiosyncratic Volatility
21-Nov-19 9-215 Oana Branzei Ivey BS Place-based organizing
15-Feb-18 14-240 Rajeev Sawant Baruch College New Product Production as Firm Risk-taking and its Effect on Firm Performance
14-Mar-18 14-280 John Amis U of Edinburgh Image, Emotion, and the Framing of the European Migration Crisis
12-Apr-18 14-270 Robert Phillips York U,  Canada Stakeholder Friction
3-May-18 14-270 Caroline Flammer Boston U Corporate Green Bonds
4-Oct-18 9-215 Josep A. Tribó-Giné Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain Not Walking the Talk? Divergence of Interests between Organizations and their Leaders in Impression Management Following Controversial Business Activities
8-Nov-18 9-215 Shweta Gaonkar Johns Hopkins U In the Shadows: The Spinout Network and Firm Performance
6-Dec-18 9-215 Glen W.S. Dowell Cornell U Game of Transparency: The Role of Local Communities in Corporate Environmental Disclosure Strategy
20-Sep-17 14-245 Jone Pearce UC Irvine A Theory of Workplace Favoritism
9-Nov-17 14-240 Jeffery S. McMullen Indiana U Social Entrepreneurship and the Development Paradox of Prosocial Motivation: A Cautionary Tale
17-Oct-16 14-240 Michele Kacmar Texas State U Perceptions of Organizational Politics
20-Oct-16 14-240 Robert Vandenberg U of Georgia Advancing the Revolution with a Solution: A Call to A.R.M.S
7-Nov-16 14-240 Denyse Lewin Loyd U of Illinois, UC When an Out-Group Member Brings Us Together: How Status Influences Information Sharing between Disagreeing In-Group Members
10-Nov-16 14-240 Sinziana Dorobantu NYU Valuing Stakeholder Governance: Property Rights, Stakeholder Mobilization and the Value of Community Benefits Agreements