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The Missing Piece?-The Finale Numero Tres.

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I have not changed. Or rather, I have, but not academically. You know that feeling when you expect the journey you embark on to be hard and tedious and challenging? That feeling of motivation and defeat at once that washes over you, knocking you down into a daze, when you know it will be hard but it will be interesting and new and exciting. I had that feeling…before college began. I keep waiting for it to get harder, but day after day I am realizing that it doesn’t. College is hard when you don’t have time management skills or severely difficult classes such as biology and chemistry which require a lot of understanding and memorizing. All in all, however, college-academically-is precisely like high school, with more freedom.

I used my knowledge of people for the Community Service Project and ability to communicate with others. I didn’t use all the functions of the school available just because I simply did not need to: it was pretty self-explanatory. My ideas haven’t evolved on community service considering I have always looked at community service as more of a reward than a reprimand or just a task. That hasn’t changed.

Perhaps I am missing a piece to this puzzle, but I feel like college life and its academic integrity is portrayed much harder than it actually is, but then again perhaps I got lucky and I am only a Freshman. I have not “grown-up”, I don’t think, but maybe that is just my inability to reflect on my self speaking.

In three years, I will be teaching and dancing. That is the only aspect of my life I am absolutely sure of. There is nothing I would rather do or anywhere I would rather be. Perhaps by then, I will be challenged and given an interesting puzzle to solve instead of the dull one I’m doing now-the one with too little pieces designed for ages three and up.

Journal # 2

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I think every person has their own way to contribute to their ever-growing communities. It is difficult to attribute all or most of the things we do as pure acts of kindness, however, considering for most of us, doing  community work gives us pride and joy. It is that sense of fulfillment of a duty that we have towards those around us that keeps community service alive and a thriving organism in today’s society.

Sadly, as of now, I don’t think I have a role yet in the Baruch community. I am hoping to form that role but as far as future prospects go, I rarely have the time. Perhaps that is just an excuse for myself because I know that as soon as you take something up seriously, it becomes a part of your schedule and somehow you find the time for that. So maybe I didn’t find my drive yet and once I find it, I’ll put it into full gear. As for being a Baruch Scholar I think it is my duty to guide the incoming freshmen next year. First year is for learning and then, once you gain that knowledge, you pass it down.

In my broader community, I teach kids. That is my role and my passion. Soon enough, I will begin volunteering at my friend’s community center out in Philadelphia. I will hopefully get the chance to teach kids who are not as privileged nor as influenced by the arts as the people in New York City. By doing so, maybe I will have an impact on society. Maybe I’ll save one kid from the harsh grasping arms of drug induced weekends. Maybe, by putting dance into their lives, I will promote healthier living. Maybe I will fail. For now, my book is open and my mark, even if it is the tiniest inkblot, is yet to be made.


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Sometimes your opinion is irrelevant.

Sometimes it’s just hard to express.

Sometimes you are indifferent.

Sometimes things just get in the way.

Other times, you are making excuses.

Journal # 1

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It is all quite simple: nothing. I am expecting nothing to change from the transition into the big scary world of college. I still commute to school, still dance, still carry the expectations from two jobs on my shoulders, still go to art galleries and see all the most important people in my life. Thus far, it has been exactly that.

When I was in high school, I kept waiting for it to get harder, perhaps for it to be pushing me into work. I never felt that pressure others felt. I never studied until the dawn. It was quite simple really, still the same. I worry more about my responsibilities as a teacher then as a student. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do still care about my GPA and all that jazz and I learn and if I felt that I really needed to work for it, I have the willpower to do so.

For now, however, I will dance and try my best to express myself, to demand from my students hard work or as much hard work as you can possibly ask a three year old to do. The experience of teaching is everything I have ever wanted to do, especially in the field of dance. It is rewarding in the sense that your children love you and look up to you and still you give them all the knowledge you have gained through these experiences, through your life, and your journey through a similar experience.

I love life, especially right now.