DS106 IS .........awesome?

DS106 IS ………awesome?

By leedanger from gifsoup.com


This gif was my initial reaction when I first visited the ds106 website. From the very first moment when I click on the ds106 link from the assignment page, I was confuse and dumbfounded because I didn’t know where to start and how off. I thought to myself, here is this website with a vast amount of information, how can I gather the information I needed to for my assignment.

After doing some searches around the site, I found out that ds106 is a digital storytelling online class open to all people.  The design of ds106 goal is to help participants establish an online identity, while documenting their process on blogs and sharing ideas and engaging in discussion with their peers.

After I got familiar with the ds106, I feel like the approach the ds106 community takes on intellectual property, fair use, and network ethics is pretty much nonexistent, where the only guideline i found was the “Honor Code“.

“Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the letter and spirit of the Honor Code. A violation of the Honor Code is a very serious matter.”

Which to me is a very broad statements, in which I felt participant are expect to know “better”.  I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing because I believe that where there are less rules and guideline in place, user are able to express more freely and creatively. In which I think ds106 community has achieve. For instance, when I was browsing through the site, I found the content created for participant, unique and distinctive. One example is the visual remix of Grant Wood’s painting American Gothic with Twight charcter Edward and Bella created by Darren Crovitz.

By Darren Crovitz (Visual Remix)

To answering the second part of the question, ” How does this community understand the “Commons”?”,  I took to twitter and found some interesting  tweets by Jim Groom and Alan Levine , which I think could be apply to the community understanding of the common. In which I came to the conclusion that the ds106 community understanding of  the common is to experience it first hand and get involve, through weekly or daily assignment and assignment bank. By having user creating content and sharing it with anyone who can access it, its enhance the idea of  “a shared storehouse of human creations” as Daniel J Cohen and Coy Rosenzweig talk about in Digital History “Owning The Past”.


Overall I think ds106 is a great site for people to learn and establish themselves on the web through blogging, making gifs, visual remixes , mash up and etc. As well as making the web a collective tool to educate the masses.

Final words, I would like to thank Mr. Groom, Mr.Levin, Mrs.Burtis and Mr.Branson for taking out to response to my tweets and my classmate tweets.