DEI Fridays

Click on the flyer above to see the Spring 2022 agenda. You can see the Fall 2021 agenda here:

Recordings of and resources from Marxe DEI Friday are available here. Note that not all sessions are recorded.

We begin every session with our Community Agreements, shared here:

  • We are a community in progress. We can struggle together; we can grow together.
  • We will practice active listening, respectful language, and kindness.
  • We can ask for “literacy moments” when there are terms we are not familiar with.
  • We assume positive intent and we also take responsibility for impact.
  • We value each other’s lived experiences and appreciate the vulnerability necessary to share them.
  • We are willing to slow discussions down to facilitate the exploration of complex, nuanced issues.
  • We are prepared for discomfort around these topics.
  • If content seems inappropriate or harmful, we will pause the discussion and may ask folks to discuss privately with the facilitators. If you need support during the presentation, please direct message the facilitator.

Please register for each event below. Contact with questions.

Feb  4  Cultivating Genuine Anti-Racist Allyship

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Feb 18  Teach-In to Support First Generation College Students (1:00-3:30pm)

Description: Join members of our Baruch Community on Friday, February 18, 2022, to elevate and celebrate the voices of first generation college students and college graduates at our Virtual Teach-In on Supporting First Generation College Students. Speakers include recent and well-established Baruch Alumni and Staff who were the first in their families to complete college. The panels will be moderated by current Baruch first generation college students.  We will hear their stories, struggles and triumphs. We will listen, reflect, and connect. Together, we will explore the ways in which we all can make a difference in students’ lives. The event is sponsored by The Office of the Provost and will be led by Dr. Anna D’Souza, the Provost Innovation Fellow on Inclusive Teaching and Associate Professor at the Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. More information here. Please register here.

Feb 25  Marxe DEI Fridays: Demystifying Disability with Student Disability Services (Faculty and Staff only)

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Mar  4  Marxe DEI Fridays: Community Voices

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Mar 11  Marxe DEI Fridays: Equity as a Cornerstone of Your Leadership (Students only)

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Mar 18  Marxe DEI Fridays: Pedagogy Workshop: Re-Imagining Assessment

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Mar 25  Marxe DEI Fridays: Voices of LGBTQ+

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Apr  1  Marxe DEI Fridays: Racism and Colorism in the International Context

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Apr  8  Teach-in: Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy   (1:00-3:30pm)

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Apr 29  Marxe DEI Fridays: Integrating DEI into Faculty Development

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May  6  Marxe DEI Fridays: Using an Equity Lens in Faculty Hiring

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May 13  Marxe DEI Fridays: Integrating DEI into Staff Development

This event is being postponed – please check back for the new date.