Journal #3

When I was in high school, I was involved in many extracurricular activities such as band, National Honor Society, Student Government, and Varsity tennis. What I have experienced from high school made me realize that being involved in clubs and organizations is important since it offers many opportunities and information.

Here at Baruch, I am currently a member of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Wall Street Club, Baruch Japan Club, and Korean Students Association. So far, these clubs offered me many opportunities such as social meetings, conferences, workshops, classes, corporation briefing sessions, and training sessions. I was so glad to be a part of these clubs because I learned so much and met many people in different grades with different majors. For example, Wall Street Club’s meeting is on every Friday, and the office members always give presentations to members about finance and economy, and they also host professionals such as accountants and finance managers so the members can listen to their stories and ask them questions. I was very amazed because I have never expected to experience something like this and I was so glad that I am a member of this club. And I have also used support centers at Baruch such as the writing center. I went to the writing center because I wanted somebody to proofread my book critique, but unfortunately the session was not really helpful because the instructor did not know about the book at all so she just marked some grammatical errors.

As mentioned above, I already knew the importance of getting involved. However, my participation in the Community Service Project encouraged me to use the appropriate online resources, which does not include Google or Wikipedia. In addition, the project also gave me an opportunity to work as a group, which can develop my skills in terms of teamwork. The psychological test I did for the grouping was very interesting and interestingly, I think the psychological test results make sense because our group’s teamwork is great. (Thank you, Maria. 🙂 Our group’s understanding of community service was pretty thorough since all members have many community service experiences, but from this project, we were able to find out that many organizations provide community services in many forms such as supporting the programs of other non-profit organizations.

In next three years, I will be a senior student if I am lucky and work hard enough. I will have completed the community service requirements, and I might be busy because of internship, schoolwork, etc., but I will try to make time for additional community service.

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  1. Maria Guglielmo says:


    I am very impressed for two reasons. One, your writing has certainly improved over the semester! Secondly, O my gosh you are so involved! I am so proud of you for immersing yourself in the school so early on. Good job! Keep on seizing every available opportunity. You have grown so much just in the past few months. I can only imagine how much more you will grow over the next three years. You spoke very well during the presentation. Keep up the good work!


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