The Future

            I have actually not consulted many faculty or staff nor joined any clubs. My explanation for these actions is my decision from before the semester began to use the first semester here at Baruch as a period to adapt. I decided in the beginning to spend the semester learning about the Baruch life style and what resources it offers. Now that I have learned about the programs and clubs offered I will take advantage of these in the spring semester. I did not want to shell shock myself with such a drastic change and stress so I’m confident that now I’ll be better able to participate in Baruch.
In regards to the community service project it has in fact taught me about the complexity that it takes to run these organizations. People who run these organizations are truly dedicated and passionate people, who should be greatly admired. Community service does truly make a difference on the community and volunteers really do change the lives of others. Every organization that was presented has a clear mission that I believe benefits others but would teach me new things if I volunteered for any of them. Every body has a story and one just needs to be willing to listen, and community service connects these two ends of communications. People, of all different sorts, can benefit from several fields as it is common ground that we cannot live with out food. All of us are connected and our duty is to help each other because in reality we all have more similarities then differences. This project also gave great suggestions for organizations I can volunteer for in the years to come and I’m excited for the experience.
In three years I see myself as getting ready to take on the world. Hopefully finding a job, and friends, and a new goal to strive for besides making it through college. Maybe I will be attending graduate school, but who knows I always feel its better to live in as much of the moment as you can so my future is still unwritten. But I hope it has success in it.

Baruch Community Service

Baruch takes community service into high regard and that is a necessary part of a good society. Better conditions are a result of better cooperation, better help, and better enthusiasm. There are too types of experiences regarding community service those who do it out of requirement with little passion or little desire to help and those that are full of hope and passion for others. Although community service is a requirement for us why do we have to dread it so much? It’s an opportunity to meet new people, have new experiences, and maybe even change someone’s life. Community service is no longer a sugar coated requirement to improve your changes of getting into a college because now that we’re in college it’s now our duty to give back. The society that has allowed us to thrive and reach this point is one that if you look hard enough at isn’t perfect and needs some help.

Who hates smiling? A smile is the worst thing in the world, right? Wrong. Genuine Smiles are contagious, love inducing, light in the dark, confidence showing, and full of hope things. And community service fills the areas with these wondrous , curious, beautiful things. Are you gonna tell me you frown when you potentially change or even save someone’s life because that’s impossible. From the simplest of help to grand gestures any service is followed by appreciation.
That’s why it’s great that Baruch holds community service in high regards and makes sure that even the honor students who are getting free tuition know they need to repay society for the help they have gotten.

Why am I who I am?

Well, my name is Elizabeth Rose Chimenti but everybody besides my family calls me Liz. The nickname actually started late as no one called me that until middle school and when that happened that’s when I started referring to myself as Liz too. Anyways as I am still only 17 years old there are only a few events that have helped shape who I am today. I guess my first major influential event was when I was 10 and I moved from one town on Long Island to another one unknown to me a half hour away. To the young me this was the end of the world as I’m sure it is to many young children who move. My new neighborhood was one completely different from my hometown as the cliques were already set and I was left out of all of them. I never really found myself through elementary and middle school it wasn’t until I reached high school that I began to appreciate what this move had brought me. My family although originally torn by the move was now stronger then ever with better bonds with my parents and brother. My father soon after the move was laid-off in the economic downturn and by high school we had pulled out of the hard times of just making ends meat. With a set family, Bellmore also gave me my best friend who lives just across the street. When I first moved in we exchanged a few words hear and there and a few hangouts among mutual friends but when high school started that changed. From the beginning of high school and continuing to today he is my boyfriend, but more importantly my best friend who encouraged me to embrace who I am. With the start of college that idea is the most important as we all are looking for lifetimes friends. College has fulfilled its rumor of being way better than high school in even the simplest form of air conditioning to the hope to learn more useful information. Also it’s fulfilled it’s job of being harder than high school thus my simple hopes this semester is to get the hang of things in order to continue my high school success over the next four years here.