• Prompts for MLK’s “I Have a Dream” [due by end of day Mon, Oct 5]

What is the dream he argues for in this famous speech?

How is his dream related to “the American Dream”?

What is “the American Dream” to you?

How has “the American Dream” been defined in recent US history and popular culture? (Do a quick Google or other web search for context.)

What do you make of this speech in light of the 1965 debate between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley on the question, “Has the American Dream come at the expense of ‘the American Negro'”?


• Prompts for Rhetorical Listening, pgs 8-16, due end of day, 9/23

As you read this selection, identify “key terms” you must understand before grasping her arguments [e.g. “gender,” “race,” “cultural logics,” etc.]. Include the key terms you find and her definition for them.

What stands out to you about the history of gender from this section on pages 10-12 that you’d like to discuss in class?

Likewise, what about the section on race on pgs 12-16?

If you were doing a discussion lead on this reading, what question would you pose to the class based on this reading?