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Jorgensen, Cody. “How Marijuana Legalization Would Benefit the Criminal Justice System.” The Blue Review, 19 May 2020, 

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Cody Jorgensen is a professor that teaches Criminal Justice at Boise State University. He researches criminologypolicing, forensics, and drug policy. 

The Blue Review is Boise State University’s news organization that shares a variety of different types of pieces. Their subject matter includes but is not limited to pop culture, politics, and academia. 


In the article, Jorgensen analyzes all the ways marijuana criminalization is harmful to the country. He also explains that the many of the common arguments against legalization have been disproved. Jorgensen begins by saying that a majority of Americans are for marijuana legalization. He also explains that marijuana criminalization is expensive, racist, and related to the War on Drugs, which has been a failure. Jorgensen also argues that marijuana legalization would help the economy by reducing violence and trafficking, and the costly load that it puts on the criminal justice system. He ends the article by stating that marijuana legalization does have risk but maintains his belief that its prohibition does a lot more harm than good. 


This article aligns with a lot of the things I’d like to address in my research paper. Jorgensen’s arguments cover many of the ideas that I plan on covering and that’s helpful. One thing that he did not really do was discuss the health concerns or benefits of marijuana, so I’ll be sure to include that in my own essay. I also plan on spending a little more time analyzing the arguments against marijuana legalization.  However, all the similarities between what Jorgensen discussed and what I plan to have made me a little worried that I might not be able to add anything unique to my research paper 


“It should also be noted that laws that are viewed by the public as unjustified or illegitimate are not likely to be complied with. Put another way, people are unlikely to voluntarily abide by laws or rules that they view as unwarranted. When the criminal justice system enforces laws that the bulk of the public disagrees with, it harms the credibility of the criminal justice system which, in turn, impedes its ability to accomplish its goals of controlling and reducing crime.” 

“Wasting precious resources on ineffective deterrence-based strategies does not inspire confidence in the system. The money spent on the enforcement of marijuana laws and the sentencing of marijuana offenders would be better spent on rehabilitation and prevention programs.  As such, continuing the failed War on Drugs, marijuana prohibition in particular, is not conducive to the goals of the criminal justice system. It is ineffective, expensive, and it harms the credibility of our legal institutions.” 

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  1. I just went through the article and I feel like this would be a good source to use for establishing an overall claim against the legalization of marijuana, since the author is in extreme favor of it even going as far to suggest alternative ways to help drug-related and induced crimes. I also like how he is actually going all the way to criticize the justice system because of it, which can possibly aid in your claim. Even though he did not directly discuss the health concerns, this can always just be a piece of your paper and finding resources that discuss other parts of your research can only make it stronger. I noticed that the author uses multiple hyperlinks, so you could potentially use that too. You mentioned that you were worried about not being unique, but I think this source can only serve as a guide to establish your own original opinions and thoughts. It would also be interesting to dive more deeper into the War on Drugs and how the incarceration overall disproportionately affects people of color, and maybe finding statistics to support to help form a sort of logos.

  2. This is a good starting point for your essay! I like how the article mentioned the possibilities of different futures in terms of legalizing marijuana, such as through describing of the stances of different political candidates. You mention that the article brings up both pro and con arguments to the question of whether or not we should legalize marijuana, which again, I think is a good starting point and is something that you can work off of. Additionally, a suggestion that I have is to look into the background of the question of marijuana legalization, such as going into more depth on the the history of the War on Drugs which the article briefly brings up. I think that this would be a valuable addition in the argument of why we should legalize it.

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