A 2021 Perspective: Turning My Weaknesses Into Strengths

“Finally finishing up my first year of Baruch college in 2021, my third semester has never felt so invigorating. I am yet again taking another class that involves an overwhelming amount of writing. However, rather than being wrecked with nerves and the future stress that I felt in 2020 with my first ever Writing class—ENG 2100—I feel reassured that I am able to at least write however I am asked to write with passion, and not just to turn an assignment in. Regardless of still remote learning or needing to wear a mask to school with COVID-19 still in full swing (hopefully not), one thing I know for sure is my writing priorities have drastically changed and I transformed my weaknesses into strengths. Instead of feeling nervous to talk to my professor about how to improve my writing, I am now confident to respectfully ‘waltz’ into their office so they can critique it.” 

During my end of high school, the transition to remote learning was difficult to handle, especially for my back-then English class. Not only were assignments piling up but I simply had no motivation to even do them, often making my writing be as bland as possible and not knowing when to start. However, the books, articles, and TedTalks I had to watch were the opposite of bland— I knew that I wanted to write AND speak like them, but with my own voice and personality. Rather than simply stating monotonous facts or evidence, a weakness I tend to have when I get lost in my writing, I am learning and will continue to learn even a year from now how to actually enjoy writing so my own passion about the topic can shine through. 

As a college writer, it may seem difficult, yet I know I am fully capable of letting go of those jumbled thoughts that I get in the beginning of an assignment and actually let them out in a succinct manner on paper. Currently, getting too wordy and becoming stuck in the middle with the excuse that “I ran out of things to say” is one of my key weaknesses. I personally believe that I can have complex opinions and viewpoints, and as time progresses with people to help me along the way, I know I can improve and hopefully next year, these ideas will be written on paper with flow, voice, and concision. A year from now, my strength to create outlines, have a plan, reread and rewrite multiple times, will help me become a better writer that not only answers a question, but goes beyond the general opinion of a topic.

2 thoughts on “A 2021 Perspective: Turning My Weaknesses Into Strengths

  1. I think it is very admirable of you to constantly strive to become a better writer. It seems that you are very compassionate about improving your writing skills, so achieving your goal is certainly a definite outcome in the future!

  2. I have always had the problem of figuring out what to say and putting my thoughts into words. Because I don’t have anything else to say, I end up becoming very wordy with my ideas to fulfill the word requirement. There is no concision in my writing after I run out of things to say so I can relate to your struggle. Rewriting multiple times is a tedious process but I guess it does produce better results in terms of the quality of the writing.

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