A Reflection on Revision – Writer’s Letter

A Reflection on Revision

The revision process for my literacy narrative was challenging. It felt like I was at the bottom of Mount Everest, and at the top was my revised draft. At the start of the process, there was a lot of work to be done to improve my draft. One of the major problems I had was vagueness. I implemented tons of words without any meaning behind them. I did not tell specific stories about my journey through my discourse community. This was an idea given to me by my peers during the peer review process. As a side note, the peer review process was very beneficial. My fellow classmates gave me plenty to work on, and ideas that I had not thought of before. They encouraged my expansion of detail in my revisions. One of the first things I altered was my description of the community. In my rough draft I rambled on about how there was a comradery that I saw, and how people cheered you on when you landed a trick. Instead, I added a detailed story about one experience at Woodward Camp. I told a descriptive story that said all the good things about the BMX community, but in a more personable and interesting way for the reader. I used this strategy again later in the text when discussing my literacy sponsor. I took out all the blank statements talking about how my sponsor was a decent guy who pushed me to my best possible self and replaced it with a specific story about my sponsor. This added detail makes the story more specific and meaningful. In doing so, I was able to implement more figurative and descriptive language in my story. These stories also prompted me to include specific dialogue from these events that I engaged in with the discourse community. These encounters and stories that I added are more impactful to the reader than what the draft had before. Another change was the ending. I wanted to show an imaginative outlook for my future engagement in this discourse community. I built upon the idea of being someone’s literacy sponsor and being able to pass down knowledge I have obtained so far during my time in the discourse community.

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