Annotated Bibliography 2

Part 1: Bibliographic Entry 

Written by Masoud Movahed. “Does Capitalism Have to Be Bad for the Environment?” World Economic Forum, 

Part 2: Background and Credibility of Author & Source

Masoud Movahed is a Researcher in development economics at New York University. He also contributes to Harvard Economics Review, Yale Journal of International Affairs, and Al Jazeera English. 

Part 3: Precis 

In this article, author Masoud Mohaved argues about the negative, exploitative aspects of capitalism and provides potential solutions and alternative means of “combatting specific issues. The author also writes about the harmful impacts of capitalism on the environment and provides the insight that capitalism in and of itself does not provide the means to tackle environmental exploitation, suggesting that it’s in capitalism’s very nature to be exploitative. 

Part 4: Reflection 

As a Marxist who believes the only way to tackle capitalism is to abolish the system entirely, I found this article and its watered-down approach to anti-capitalist rhetoric very interesting. I find it fascinating that many people who critique capitalism and attempt to provide solutions to capitalist issues do so through the framework of capitalism. However, by admitting that capitalism in its nature is exploitative, there is no way for capitalism and environmental justice to coexist. 

Part 5: Quotables

“As the economic sociologist Erik Wright of the University of Wisconsin-Madison said, one way of cutting cost is to project some of that cost onto the environment.”  

“Therefore, mass consumption – or consumerism – is not merely a cultural phenomenon. It is embedded in the core tenets of capitalism as an economic system.” 

“… the market mechanisms under capitalism do not provide incentives for preserving the environment.”

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