Blog Post 1: Improving My Writing Abilities

Prior to high school, my writing has always been very rough around the edges and have ended abruptly with no flow from paragraph to paragraph. There were no smooth transitions to organize my thoughts. Throughout high school, I have developed my writing abilities in ways such as finding ways to put my ideas into words, and using the correct words to describe my thoughts. In the present, my writing capabilities are average. I constantly run out of things to say because I don’t have much of an opinion on many topics. I listen to what is being said and learn what is being taught but I don’t formulate my own opinions on much. I try to keep an open mind which is something that I would like to carry with me throughout the rest of my life. In a year from now, I hope to have learned new writing skills while maintaining my straightforward and honest approach. I think that constantly reading will help to improve my writing abilities and help expand on my vocabulary. Paying attention to the way others writers organize their ideas, how they phrase their sentences, how they incorporate quotes and other background knowledge or anecdotes into their writing will give me an idea of how to write my essays and/or blogs. Through reading consistently, I can also expand my knowledge of subjects and hopefully find topics that are of interest to me. I would like to be able to say that one year from now, I will be able to write an entire essay without constantly stopping to figure out what to say. I would hope that by that time, writing will become easier for me.

One thought on “Blog Post 1: Improving My Writing Abilities

  1. I do think that paying attention to the way others write and organize ideas will definitely help find your way of writing and improving yourself, I find that to be the same way for me because it allows me to explore different ways of expressing how I feel and how to put it into context. Reading books is also a good way to give you ideas on how to better your writing, like if you were to find a quote in a book that you really resonate with.

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