Collaboration is Key

Collaborating made writing and revising my literacy narrative so much easier. In office hours I understood that I had to narrow my focus in my paper. While I was revising I tried my best to get rid of anything general and to be as specific as possible. Getting feedback, and analyzing other papers were super helpful.  Reading my group mates’ papers made me realize that my paper was missing a couple things. One of the main things that my essay was missing was  a narrative sound.  In their papers, my peers talked about specific memories that were relevant to what they were writing about. Their recollections either showed how they grew, or described a problem or solution. It made me think about things that I have experienced that was relevant to my literacy narrative and add them to my paper as I was revising. Getting feedback from my peers was also helpful, because I understood what other readers would be looking for. While answering my group’s questions,  I realized that my essay was also missing context and that I had a little more explaining to do.  When I was revising I made sure that I added more information to make sure that my audience would be able to understand my main points, and would have no unanswered questions.


4 thoughts on “Collaboration is Key

  1. I like how you mentioned that not only you were able to take what our peers thought about your narrative and expand but I also liked the fact that you said you were able to take back from reading other peoples narrative and that you were able to see what it was that you were missing in your writing piece.

  2. I really like the title. I also liked how you talked about how helpful it was to read other people’s papers. I would definitely agree, for the same reasons you presented in the writers letter. It gives you insight on what you are missing from reading other examples.

  3. I liked that you mentioned how collaboration was important, rather than just you receiving feedback and it being a one-way street. This indicates that you revising other papers was also important and helpful in your growth as a writer.

  4. I also did the same. I added more details to revised essay so it would be more show not tell. Also, I agree that getting peers from the peers are helpful. They can comment anything that are missing to your essay.

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