For Future Me

As a journalism student, writing well is a huge priority. I see the importance of creating pieces that are both easy to understand and interesting to read, no matter who my audience is.  One of the strategies I use right now, is keeping my sentences as short as possible. This helps me make sure that my points are boiled down to their essence. I hope that future me has learned how to keep those sentences interesting.

While I’m a pretty confident writer I hope that future me will take advantage of the Writing Center, whenever necessary. This would be especially helpful if I’m having a hard time starting a paper.  Actually, I hope that I learn that it’s ok to ask my professors questions about assignments in the first place. I know that future me will continue to have my work peer-reviewed.  In the past it has been a great way to get feedback and reassure me that my work is on the right track. I hope that my desire for peer-reviews will encourage me to participate in campus publications.

Even though this is my first semester using Hypothesis, I know future me will use it as often as possible. This can be to share articles for education or amusement.  I can already imagine how much easier interacting with a text as a unit online is. This is also my first semester using Blogs@Baruch, and I see its benefits already. Having conversations with peers on class sites seems more organized than Blackboard threads. Tools like Hypothesis and Blogs@Baruch will definitely make group assignments run a lot smoother.

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