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I have been told before that I am an eloquent speaker. While that may be true, I still struggle to express my complex thoughts in writing. One of my favorite forms of writing is creative writing as I have a great imagination and enjoy putting the images in my mind into words. However, I have difficulty in finding the right vocabulary to convey these thoughts. Over this next year, I hope to improve that aspect of my writing by reading more novels and practicing my writing not only through class but also through my personal journal. For me, writing can be a healing experience and creative outlet, and some of the best works are created when we are able to become one with the pen and paper—or in some cases keypad and screen.

While I am most comfortable with my grammar skills, I want to be able to craft more complex sentences. In my experience, I have learned sentence structures through peer review, whether that be me reviewing someone else’s writing or getting my own work reviewed by a friend. The discourse and learning that occurs in these scenarios help me internalize the knowledge and remember it for longer. This semester I also hope to seek help from my professor as well the writing center to receive more one-on-one attention and criticism on my writing from professionals. 

Lastly, as a business major, I am hoping to improve my research and analysis skills as I will be required to write business research papers in future courses. I struggle to write these research papers simply because I do not enjoy the tedious process of research to find the most relevant evidence to support my claim or back my hypothesis. This kind of writing structure truly takes away the creative and emotional aspects of writing out of the picture which is probably what I dislike the most. Nevertheless, I wish to overcome this hurdle by seeking help from my professor and peers when I experience a writing block and even read sample research papers to feel more familiar and at ease with the writing format.

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  1. I can relate to the struggle of expressing my thoughts into writing as well. Reading books will definitely help in improving diction and writing as a whole. Many of us do not enjoy the tedious process but it is essential in order to have a complete thought or analysis. Hopefully, throughout this semester we can both improve in regards to this problem.

  2. I also view writing as a healing process and creative outlet and enjoy journaling in my free time! One of my goals for this year is to find the right vocabulary to use to get my thoughts across on paper, as you mentioned in your post. Additionally, I also believe that my speaking skills are a lot stronger than my writing skills, which is something that I hope to improve on through learning new writing skills and reading more.

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