Future Memory Part 1: Response

To begin with, in a year from now I aspire to be a better writer. I envision myself to have found confidence in my writing along with a little more ambition. I aim to let my creative thoughts pour into my writing in such a way that it makes sense and that I avoid mental traffic jams with my overcrowding thoughts. As straightforward as it sounds, the pandemic and quarantine over the past few months took a toll on my mental health and I am certain that it did for others as well. With such a drastic adjustment to my daily life, I used this time period as an opportunity to record my daily thoughts. I strive to have my writing pieces be as compelling as the entries of my personal notebook are. I made it a priority this semester to register for a writing course as I discovered that writing is actually something that I enjoy and appreciate. I may not be the best writer but I am determined to change that. 

A glimpse into some of my writing goals is that I hope to have my weaknesses convert into strengths. My writing can sometimes be repetitive and monotonous. This weakness feels very defeating at times but I still seek methods for improvement. A year from now, I envision my writing priorities to alter by having  a time schedule dedicated to the piece of writing I am working on and staying concentrated. To keep the momentum going, I will hold myself accountable and have a reminder set to the reason why I am writing in the first place. Throughout my writing journey, I always found it easy to find that steam that enabled me to want to write. The difficulty in writing is maintaining that steam and fueling it to keep it going. A year from now, that will be different. That momentum will continue and I will find a strategy to keep it going as I will fulfill my vision on becoming the best writer that I have the potential to be. 


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