Future memory response

Currently, I struggle with writing a well-organized essay that has little to none grammar errors. I also believe that my writings are quite bland due to the lack of enticing vocabulary and a terrible introduction. But the main problem is the organization part, where I always wonder off-topic or just write an essay that jumps from one idea to another and back. I would hope that in the next year I would correct these problems one by one.

Every time I write an essay once it’s done, I do not want to revise it because it’s so tedious to have to spend time revising it after I’ve already written it. But I want my essay to be organized so that In the future I will have to learn to revise my essays. A good essay needs a lot of tweaking and editing, this will make my work stand out from the mediocre. Also, when starting to write an essay, first I should construct, then try to write, and then let the storyline unfold, finally look back to see what has been written. 

My bland writings are caused mainly by the horrible diction in my writing and I always feel like I have a hard time expressing myself when I am writing. I hope that a year from now, my writing skills will get much better. I think reading more is the only way to solve this problem. Expression requires materials, both verbal and written – the only way to get better on output is to input a lot of it. It will make a great contribution to my logical thinking and analytical ability. For another, it is also a process to practice my own thinking ability and form different thoughts. By dealing with all kinds of compositions, I can get in touch with more thoughts and become wiser. Just like a great film director, only by watching a large number of classic movies and TV series, with a huge amount of reading and deep understanding, can he make a classic work, writing is also the same reason. After a year, with the accumulation of a lot of reading, I can easily use the techniques, diction, and aphorisms in my writing, and I will not let the words be as dry, unspiritual, unlively, and profound as before. In addition, the introduction of an essay is an important thing that I always overlook. When I write an essay, I always start it with a simple introduction, which is completely unattractive. In the future, I will think about how to write a good beginning that will catch the audience’s attention. The introduction of an essay is the first door that knocks the reader’s mind and makes the rest of the lines flow more smoothly. For example, if you go shopping and you see a beautiful, clean shop with a clean front, you often take a look inside, because it attracts you.

 Writing details is my only strength in my writing. I’ve always had a habit of journaling, a habit I’ve had for two years now. I decided to keep a diary because of a quote from the author of a book that stood out to me: “Life is not worth living without reflection.” At that time, I was still in high school, juggling classes and clubs, busy with trivial matters, but I feel extremely uncertain about the future. The result of getting on with my life was even greater confusion. I didn’t want to see every day go by without value or meaning, so I wanted to leave some reflection and contemplation of my daily life through journaling. Journaling is also a way to combat the fear of emptiness and leave a thought for the future. Human memory is very unreliable, it’s hard to remember any details when you think back to your childhood years gone by in a blur, and that long decade is now just a few moments, and it’s frightening to think about. Write down the daily happenings and turn them into words, at least let the passing time leave some traces. In the future, I will put more emotions into my details so that the audience can feel my feelings. I’ll keep up this writing from now on, because it has become the blood that flows in my soul, becoming a kind of soul infusion, etching my own thoughts onto the paper.

Even though I plan on changing so much in such a short time span I still believe that I won’t be perfect and would definitely need more practice. By then I might realize that I need to work on other areas too, but it is still a necessity to continue working on my weaknesses. But also using my strength and that is my writing detail.

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