My Future Expectations as a Writer

In a year from now, it will be school year 2021 and I can envision myself being a much improved writer. I’m hoping to find myself more comfortable holding the pen, capable of using my own thoughts and thinking and putting it into my work as a college level writer, to open my mind up and freely express myself into words. Being in high school for the past four years of my life myself and my peers have been put in a box, we are given an assignment and told what we should write, rather than expressing our own thoughts. My biggest weakness as of now is trying to sound a certain way, rather than bringing my own thoughts and ideals into my work. Over the recent years of my life I’ve painted myself as someone who can’t be creative, or someone who doesn’t know how to be creative, so I would expect to see myself still hesitant in that aspect,  still trying to find myself. I would like to think I am more sure of myself in the next year and have a more sophisticated style of writing. With time, I know if I read and learn more vocabulary I will be able to establish a sense of improvement in my writing. This is one of my long term goals, something I can continuously work and improve on throughout the course of my college career and for the rest of my life. I don’t imagine myself ever completely being satisfied with the way I write and I believe there’s going to be a point where my strengths and weaknesses will fluctuate, sometimes focusing too much on one or the other. Trying to find that balance to “perfect” my work is something I aim to work on during my years in this school and the years after that. 

2 thoughts on “My Future Expectations as a Writer

  1. I enjoyed reading your letter as you stated some of your weaknesses while also including ways in which you can alter that. I hope you do enable your creativity throughout your writing as I am sure it will be delightful to read. Overall, I love the window you set for yourself in terms of improvement within your writing.

  2. I can relate to your goal of improving your vocabulary since I have also struggled using more professional and college level vocabulary in my writing. I hope that a year from now I have the ability to use specific jargon based on the audience for my writing pieces and learned more appropriate and professional alternatives to my vocabulary.

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