My Future in Writing – The Inevitability of Change

Humans are constantly growing and changing throughout the course of their lives. I for one, and I am sure everyone can say the same, have gone through countless phases and changes in life. It is difficult to predict the future, or where you will be at a certain time, but it is always interesting to predict and take guesses. Firstly though, it is essential to set the tone and predict where I will be and what I have accomplished over the next year.

My freshman year at Baruch College is coming to an end. Over the course of the year, I spent my time juggling responsibilities between family, work, and school. It was difficult, but I survived. At times I thought about throwing in the towel, but even at the most trying times, I persevered. Now, with a year under my belt, I reflect to the first assignment I completed at Baruch; blog post one for English 2100.


My response in a year would be much more methodical, as I have another year under my belt. Over the year I believe my priorities will significantly shift. In a year I will prioritize taking my time while writing, rather than simply trying to meet a deadline. Throughout the year, I plan to take advantage of the writing center that Baruch offers, as well as office hours to try and optimize my abilities. Going to office hours with questions about my writing or an assignment will allow me to build upon my weaknesses. For example, something I struggle with is transitional phrases, a skill I plan to develop over the year.  In the meantime, my skill set will hopefully broaden over the year. To reinforce my strengths, I will continue to practice good writing habits. For example, re-reading my work or having a piece peer edited. I plan to use hypothesis while reading, which will allow me to have better citations in my writing, as well as to have a better understanding of what I am writing about. Another way for me to hone my skills is to gather alternate perspectives from other students in class. It is essential to see both sides of every picture.

2 thoughts on “My Future in Writing – The Inevitability of Change

  1. “In a year I will prioritize taking my time while writing, rather than simply trying to meet a deadline.”
    This is a great thought because writing just to meet a deadline destroys the beauty of it. Writing is supposed to be mindful and tranquil. Deadlines, if not planned for carefully, can completely remove those aspects and ruin the whole experience. I hope that putting the process as a priority helps you enjoy writing more and, as a result, improve as well!

  2. I agree that taking advantage of resources like the Baruch Writing Center or hypothesis are extremely important in improving ourselves as writers. We use these tools to help build our thoughts in a constructive way, and it efficiently translates what we want to say onto paper. I also agree with your point that we’re subject to change and that the future is not set in stone, there is no telling what or how we will change. However when we set a goal for ourselves or put that expectation on ourselves we tend to work toward that goal and turn it into a success.

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