My Rhetorical Analysis Summarized

The article I chose to analyze was, “Why are we so bad at predicting what will happen to us in the future?” by Neil Pasricha. The link for this article where you can find my annotations is:

Why are we so bad at predicting what will happen to us in the future? 

The author writes in a unique style in this article that goes hand in hand with what they are trying to convey. The main point of the article is how people have a hard time seeing themselves in the future. To tackle this task the author uses bold headings and short phrases and statements. This simplifies the entire article and we can link this to what the article is about. Rather than focusing on the ideas in a negative light, the author uses a positive outlook. In doing so it can be linked to the horizon of possibility. Converting negativity into positivity. The author repeatedly uses, “we,” to enforce the togetherness of this situation. While doing so, the author writes in a relatable and understandable way. This goes back to the idea of breaking down the difficult task of imagining the future. By writing in an understandable way the audience can look at the future in a positive outlook. The author uses pathos and logos throughout as well. The article almost serves as a call to action for people to inherit a growth mindset. Be positive towards the future and don’t let negativity get in the way. My annotations on the article go into greater detail on all of these things. This post is to summarize them and bring everything together.

I think this article is something everyone should read especially in a time like this. Everyone is unsure of the future. Everyday I think we all wonder if life will get back to normal. This article is beneficial now more than ever. With everything going on in the world we need to be reminded that these are all steps we have to take to improve and put ourselves in a better place. Everything that we experience in our lives happens for a reason, whether we see it at the moment it occurs, or ten years after. This article promotes a growth mindset and focuses on the potential positive things that will come from something negative.

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