Prompt for Blog Post 1

Future Memory (Part 1)

Due: Tuesday, Sept 1 (250-300 words)

Pause to imagine that one year from now your professor asks you to reflect on your recent growth as a writer, as well as to establish a list of writing goals for yourself moving forward. How do you think your future response to this prompt might differ from your response to the same prompt from our first day of class? In which ways do you envision your writing priorities changing between now and then? How do you anticipate your skill set as a college writer to develop in the meantime? How will you have improved upon your weaknesses? How will you have reinforced your strengths? How will you keep the momentum going?


Your posts should be 250-300 total words, which is about one page of writing: not a lot, but also not a little. Try your best to address the series of questions outlined in my prompt: in the case of our first blog post, I want you to deliberately and creatively imagine your potential for growth as a writer over the course of this next year. Be as specific and precise as possible with respect to your writing priorities, your long-term goals, and the concrete way in which your strengths and weaknesses may have changed over time, seen from the perspective of your future self.

If you envision yourself mending your weaknesses and finding new strengths, then I want to hear about which weaknesses and which strengths, in particular, and I would like to know as much as you can tell me about how you imagine yourself making those strides on a practical level. Put simply, I want details, details, details.

For example, and these are rhetorical questions after which you should model your thinking, but one year from now will you have—

  • worked with tutors at the Writing Center to develop stronger topic sentences, with an eye on incorporating a clearer sense of focus in your writing?
  • met with your professors during office hours to explicitly discuss how you can organize your analysis so that your writing has greater coherence?
  • worked with your new college friends in peer-review groups to articulate your thoughts and to work out the main ideas of your upcoming paper?

In the future, will the process of annotating with Hypothesis have taught you anything new about how carefully you ought to read and write in college? What about Blogs@Baruch? How might the practice of writing for a broader, more public-facing audience have impacted the way you see yourself as a writer? How might the course theme of imagined futures have prompted to more actively reflect on your up-and-coming identity as a college writer?

Be imaginative! The more inventive, the better.

Feel free to edit your posts after you publish them, if indeed you find yourself ruminating about the future of your memory as time carries on.

2 thoughts on “Prompt for Blog Post 1

  1. To begin with, in a year from now I aspire to be a better writer. I envision myself to have found confidence in my writing along with a little more ambition. I aim to let my creative thoughts pour into my writing in such a way that it makes sense and that I avoid mental traffic jams with my overcrowding thoughts. As straightforward as it sounds, the pandemic and quarantine over the past few months took a toll on my mental health and I am certain that it did for others as well. With such a drastic adjustment to my daily life, I used this time period as an opportunity to record my daily thoughts. I strive to have my writing pieces be as compelling as the entries of my personal notebook are. I made it a priority this semester to register for a writing course as I discovered that writing is actually something that I enjoy and appreciate. I may not be the best writer but I am determined to change that.

    A glimpse into some of my writing goals is that I hope to have my weaknesses convert into strengths. My writing can sometimes be repetitive and monotonous. This weakness feels very defeating at times but I still seek methods for improvement. A year from now, I envision my writing priorities to alter by having a time schedule dedicated to the piece of writing I am working on and staying concentrated. To keep the momentum going, I will hold myself accountable and have a reminder set to the reason why I am writing in the first place. Throughout my writing journey, I always found it easy to find that steam that enabled me to want to write. The difficulty in writing is maintaining that steam and fueling it to keep it going. A year from now, that will be different. That momentum will continue and I will find a strategy to keep it going as I will fulfill my vision on becoming the best writer that I have the potential to be.

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